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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be an expert to contribute to eBird?

Definitely not! Occasionally we hear about birders who tried eBird once, but then did not return because they felt they were not qualified to contribute, or that eBird caters only ...

I don’t count birds. Can I still enter my observations?

Yes, and you should still answer “Yes” in the box that asks, “Are you reporting all the birds you observed?”, and then enter an “X” for each species you observed. Of course, we’d l...

What is an eBird checklist?

Each time you go birding you are collecting a list of species seen or heard. If you walk in the local park for .5 hr and see 20 species of birds, your "checklist" is represents the...

What is an eBird observation?

An observation is a record of a species in space and time. A checklist can have many observations (e.g., 10 Yellow Warblers, 5 Sandhill Cranes, 1 Peregrine Falcon). Each combinatio...

Subscribe/Unsubscribe from eBird

Occasionally people ask how to stop receiving emails from eBird, or how to sign up for emails. It is important to note that eBird itself is not a subscription service, and everythi...

Can I download a copy of my data?

Birders have asked for eBird functionality that allows one to back up their data on home computers. We have built a tool for this, and are pleased to announce its release. We've r...

What does the question "Are you submitting a complete checklist of the birds you saw/heard?" really mean?

The goal of this question is to find out whether you are reporting all the birds you were able to identify to the best of your ability. In other words, answer "Yes" to this when y...

How do I add a species to a checklist?

See this article:

How can I make a personal location a hotspot?

To suggest a personal location as an eBird hotspot go to "My eBird" and then to "Manage My Locations", located on the right side of the page. Here are all the locations you have ev...

When I sign in nothing happens, what do I do?

eBird requires "cookies" to be enabled on your web browser. Without these enabled eBird cannot create a "session" for you, which enables us to link your data to your user name and...
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