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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I record distance traveled when I back-track on traveling counts?

Distance within eBird should be the distance you covered along a trail, road or waterbody, whether on foot, bike, car, kayak, elephant or some more novel means of moving across the...

Where do I plot my location for area counts?

Plot your location at the center of the area surveyed. As of now eBird does not record the actual polygon of the area sampled, so plotting your location as accurately in the cente...

What if I don't know the age and sex of all the species on the checklist?

Don't worry, no one does! This is merely here as a tool for birders who wish to record these things. You can apply these descriptors to any or all species on a checklist by answe...

What is the difference between a 'juvenile' and an 'immature'?

When in doubt use 'Immature' for any bird that is not an adult. 'Juvenile' is more specific, describing a bird still in its juvenile plumage. This plumage is held only briefly for ...

Does eBird record weather information?

We gather weather data from outside sources such as NOAA and other weather services. As such we do not collect weather information in the database. You can, however, put informat...

What does "Most Probable" vs. "Rare Species" mean on the checklist page?

eBird automatically defaults to a list of species that should be encountered at the location and date that you've entered. This is the "Most probable" list of species you see init...

What is the "Add a species" box used for?

If you can't find the species you're looking for on either the "Most probable" or "Rare species" versions of the checklist you can then use the "Add a species" window to search for...

How do I correct a data entry mistake on my checklists?

You can edit any record you've entered into eBird by clicking the "My eBird" tab and then choosing "Manage My Checklists." Then click the "View or edit" link next to the checklist...

How do I change the name of an existing location?

You can only edit the names of locations that you've created. Likewise, once a location has been accepted as a hotspot, you can no longer edit the name except in your version of t...

How do I move a location?

You can only move locations that you've created. Likewise, once a location has been accepted as a hotspot, you can no longer move it, only a hotspot administrator can change its p...
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