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Dan Ceravolo — April 17, 02:19AM

How can eBird evolve socially, to allow for a community that can collaborate and interact on eBird?

eBird needs to evolve socially and begin to allow for more online social interaction...I have had a few odd encounters with eBirders that I knew well (via their posts on eBird), but never met in person or ever had the opportunity to interact with. We are missing out on the huge potential of the eBird community to allow us to interact online. When someone near me spots a new species, it would be great to ask them questions. I think eBird needs to realize that at the end of the day they are more like google then they think. Google builds great tools to attract users and ultimately gather data. Which is the exact thing that eBird is trying to the more birders that are engaged and who become regular users the more they benefit from vast amounts of data....eBird, please engage us and allow us to interact socially via eBird.

Zachary DeBruine — April 17, 10:22AM

I feel like eBird Profiles would be a great place to start. By optionally creating a profile, eBird users could show certain personal lists, upload a photo and share a little about themselves, as well as obtain a chat/eBird Mail medium for keeping in touch with other eBirders. In addition, they could maintain a small "blog" on this page where they could post additional information about their recent birding experiences.

A second development I am waiting for is eBird-based listserves. We are so engrained in, etc., but moving to eBird would be logical. This suggests the formation of "eBird Groups", etc. So much can be done, but with insufficient funding, great ideas can't get off the ground.

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Fred — April 17, 08:08PM

I'm waiting for Facebook to evolve to include a bird distribution database. It's the logical step as there are a lot of people posting their bird observations on their Facebook pages.

PS: "" is history.

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Katherine Wychulis — April 18, 05:11PM

I think it would be very helpful if multiple ebird members could "adopt" or otherwise use the same list. So, for example, if I go birding with a friend who is also an ebird member, I would like the ability to create one list that we could adopt or for which we both could get "credit" for purposes of tracking our lists. I don't think this functionality is currently available, is it? Thank you!

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Alyssa — April 18, 05:39PM

I would also love to be able to link up with other accounts somehow like maybe coordinate a cooperative list with another user as I am almost always birding with other eBirders!
The profile idea sounds great - I have often met people on Audubon walks or just at popular birding locations that I recognize from eBird but then forget to obtain a way to contact them again - it's a real shame! This has the potential to form a really great community!

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Katherine Wychulis — April 20, 05:08PM

I think I just found the answer to my own question on eBird re "checklist sharing" (link below). I'm looking forward to sharing checklists with my team for Bird-A-Thon (, our local Audubon fundraiser in Northern VA. Maybe we'll hit 120 on our day in May!

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David — April 22, 02:56PM

Rather than have ebird do all the work, there could be an ebird widget that we could insert into our personal blogs and websites. Remember birdstack? They had just a widget that would allow you to post customized lists of birds seen in a particular time/ area.

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