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David G. Davis — April 15, 04:45PM

Have you considered giving eBirders the option of making their checklist comments public?

I use checklist comments for the purposes described in your paragraph on the subject, plus a few additional items like the names or initials of observers. I have never seen the need to make any of this private, though I can understand that others might include private information on such things as locations (sensitive species or habitats, private property). Perhaps the information I include really isn't of any interest to anyone, but it might occasionally be, and I almost never have any reason to keep it private. Is there some way, perhaps a checkbox, that we could use to mask checklist comments when desirable but leave them visible otherwise?

Mark — April 15, 09:19PM

You could always put the comments that you want to be seen in a comment box where they currently can be seen.

I put stuff that would be of use to others in the comment box for the first species in taxonomic order included in the checklist or with the species that it applies to.. Easy for most but not all people to find.

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Steve — April 23, 02:17PM

I too would like to make my checklist comments public. Often my checklist comments are long and aren't really relevant to put under an individual species but would be helpful to understand the whole list or the area birded. By putting such comments in an individual species comment box it just clutters up the bird list. A simple check box to allow checklist comments to be public shouldn't be that hard to it?

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Brian Sullivan — May 10, 07:46PM eBird Staff

Ideally we’d be able to give the user more control over this, so this is a good idea. It won’t be on the near term development horizon, but we are going to be doing more with end-user control over certain things at eBird, and when we do, we’ll try to tackle this too.



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