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jeff girod — July 07, 08:16AM



Hopefully someone can help :D


This subject has probably been touched upon before, but it is an import issue, that I am wondering how to work with it in relation to my checklists and siteings.

1. Personal locations outside of a hotspot, need to be accepted as a new hotspot,before any birds from the area I saw them in are able to be located by others.

2. If the location is a few miles away, it seems the only choice we are given is to merge our location with the closest one. The problem with that is:
A. the habitats are sometimes different between those several miles.
B. some birds only roost in a specific spot.
C. If i am truly recording where i am when i saw a bird, someone else should have the ability to also go to that location if they wish, as well as then it is a true siteing.

Sometimes one goes the the hotspots that exist, because that is the only choice they know in an area, even if there are more places to see birds. So it becomes a popularity contest with hotspots.

I am not sure if the eBird system takes this into account,
for the benefit of other birders by using the current evaluation system. eBird i am sure notates my location and what birds were there and keeps it in their database, but, iI am not understand how others can make true use of the database, if the hotspots are limited by eBirds discretion.

Can someone help me to understand how i can help and be help by hotspots more effectively?

Jeff :)

Cole — July 07, 09:25AM

Your point #1 is incorrect. Other eBirders can still locate your sightings in maps and alerts if they are at a personal location. Take a look at the range map for a species and note that all the small pins (without the flame inside) are people's personal locations.

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meg — July 07, 09:35AM


We agree with your concerns about Hotspots. Therefore, we ignore them entirely.

We much prefer to use the Explore option and then to choose Species Maps and find true locations for observations perhaps better tied to real time and space. Perhaps eventually Hotspots will really be HOT, but at present too many are identified with so few observations as to be not very useful.

Further, using the Explore path, the resulting maps, and both the Hotspot and personal observations for a species in any region; we find some interesting entries that will certainly be filtered out of any hotspot entries.

True, the Species Maps can be a bit frustrating to use at first, yet they are the best entry to observations by others and as predictors for trip planning that we can find. And the maps permit a quick view of species distribution at any scale from planetary to street level.

good birding,


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jeff — July 07, 10:07PM

Meg and Cole,
Thank you both for your helpful response.
I didn't mean to seem so harsh, eBird is fantastic,
just a little frustrating to go round about to find personal hotspots and checklists, but that is ok.
I have tried the method you suggested and i see that it works.
i will see if i can the range map on my android phone.
Thanks again for you help and time to respond to my question!
Jeff :)

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jeff — July 07, 10:52PM

On reflection,
it still begs the question of knowing all the birds in
a given area. Established hotspots give you that.
otherwise you are out of luck it seems. It is great to find a particular species, but if you are out birding and want to know what variety of birds are in an area, you can only do that with an established hotspot, if I am correct.
Any thoughts?
Jeff :)

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J — July 08, 02:28PM

If you are looking for all the birds in a given area (state, province, county, for instance) try the Bar Charts feature.

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jeff — July 09, 01:11PM

Thanks J ! :)
Some interesting features for sure. Helps a lot to gauge the time frequency and peak times for the birds in my area, and those i want to see.

I am still having trouble seeing the workaround for bringing up all the birds from personal hotspots and checklist in an area i am exploring.
whichever way I go i can find the personal hot spot appearing on any
map in eBird such as this checklist:

Jeff :)

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jeff — July 09, 01:13PM

I meant in the last post *
whichever way I go i CAN'T find the personal hot spot appearing on any
map in eBird such as this checklist:

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