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Harish Dobhal — June 18, 09:11AM

Can not identify a bird

Today I saw few new birds about the size of sparrow. I took pictures and tried to identify with Merlin app but it failed to identify the bird. I searched google reverse image and it says "wren". However, there are hundreds of wrens in ebird database and I could not find one matching my bird. So, what other option do I have?

Bill — June 18, 12:49PM

Wherever you live I can guarantee you there are not hundreds of wrens. There are probably only a handful of local wren species so without any idea of where you are I cannot say. Look at hotspot lists in your area and learn what the local wrens are by name, then search those and see which one matches your photos. For instance where I live we only have 4 types of wren, and sorting them is very easy.

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sofia pierce — June 18, 01:23PM

Could you copy me the link of your photos in a Help Center reply? Or could you give me a brief description of the birds you saw? Then maybe I could help you with your ID.

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Harish Dobhal — June 18, 01:58PM

Thank you Bill for your valuable advice. Let me try your solution.

Thank you Sofia, here is the link:

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sofia pierce — June 18, 07:32PM

It probably isn't it, but the only thing I can think of is an Abert's Towhee, or a species of a Hawaiian forest bird.

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Ian Hearn — June 18, 07:58PM

Your photo matches with a Black-chinned Babbler.

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Harish Dobhal — June 19, 01:31AM

Thank you Ian Hearn,
You correctly identified it and have uploaded the details with a thanks note to you there as well. I hope Merlin app would be improved a bit.

Thank you sofia pierce for your efforts as well.

One thing I would like to be is the link to every community participant's profile. Anyway, here is my profile link:

Here is the link to the checklist in question:

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Ian Hearn — June 19, 08:00PM

I would not have been so familiar with the bird except that I saw it a few days ago in Nepal.

Also I guessed from your name that you were Indian, so that narrowed off the American birds they were naming like Abert's Towhee.

By the way, the the only wren species I think you have in India is Eurasian Wren, which is much smaller with a shorter tail. And it is a winter visitor.

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Harish Dobhal — June 20, 05:08AM

Hi Ian,
You are right I am from India. I checked your profile and website and I am really impressed by your work. Being a teenager you have already achieved such finesse in photography, that's really very encouraging for others who are new to this field. Thank you once again and best wishes for your future work.

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sofia pierce — June 20, 01:28PM

Here is my link:

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Harish Dobhal — June 20, 03:03PM

Hi Sofia,

With 168 species you are my senior :)

Thank you for your help.
I see you have clicked so many of those wonderful birds and that Black and White Warbler is so cute.
Wish you the best...

Is there a way we can be connected on the ebird website? I didn't find any such link where we ebirders can communicate.

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Ian Hearn — June 20, 07:51PM

I wish eBird would put a comment bar under our profiles.

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Harish Dobhal — June 21, 01:01AM

Yes Ian, at least that much could be helpful.

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Harish Dobhal — June 21, 01:31AM

Btw guys, you can contact me at my email address which is hdobhal at gmail dot com

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