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Anynomous Ebirder — June 06, 04:36PM

How can my photos get more ratings?

I'm just curious how all these Ebirders get so many ratings on their photos. Is there any way to know?

Karl Curtis — June 06, 07:44PM

Ebird encourages us to rate our own photos. Ratings allow researchers to view the better photos and scrutinize birds. Other than that it is up to people who feel inclined to rate photos that they view. I sort of wish more of my photos would get rated by others too.

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Ian Hearn — June 06, 08:14PM

Sometimes if photos make their way onto the eBird homepage (under the Top Photos: World) they can got up to as high as 40 ratings in 24 hours. It depends on how nice the photo is. You can check it out right now and there will be photos on there getting ratings.

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Bill — June 08, 02:13PM

eBird has a built-in quiz feature. Photos that are included in the quiz must be rated by the quiz taker to go to the next one. I don't know how you get included in a quiz, if it's random, or what, but that is probably one reason some are rated by so many people.

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Ian Hearn — June 08, 08:03PM

Yes, the quiz feature is a good point.

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Anynomous Ebirder — June 10, 07:17PM

But how do you get into all these things?

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Anynomous Ebirder — June 10, 07:18PM

But how do you get into all these things?

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Ian Hearn — June 10, 08:31PM

I don't know...
You can't really get on the quiz feature by yourself, it is either automatic selecting or the eBird staff does it.
The only way to get your photo on the eBird homepage to get ratings is to upload lots of good ones, and maybe someone will see them and rate them. If you have a friend that does eBird maybe he could add ratings to your photos???

I don't know if there is anything you can do about it personally.

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Stephen Hurst — June 22, 01:57PM

This is something I’ve wondered myself for some time.

I think what appears on the homepage might have to do with how frequently the photo is getting rated (e.g. most ratings in the last 24 hours), but I’m not entirely certain. If you scroll down on eBird's Top-rated photos, eventually you’ll find some photos that have never appeared on the Home page, and yet, are rated higher than others which have.

Another thing that could cause photos to get more ratings are the eBird Alerts. Even if the photo isn’t of a rarity, if it’s on the same checklist as a rarity, chances are more people are going to see it, and rate it. If the above is true, this could be why some photos “explode”, while others "fall flat".

I’ve noticed with my photos, often times 90% of the ratings occur within the first 24 hours of upload. During that period of time, some get lots of ratings while others that look equally good don’t get any.

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