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David McCoy — January 10, 05:53PM

new phone

I have upgraded my phone from iPhone 5s all the way to 6s. When I downloaded eBird from the app store none of my locations or checklist populated the new phone. It has only been 24 hours but I am surprised and dismayed. Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.

P Lewis — January 10, 03:56PM

Did you sign in with the same account as on the 5s?

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David McCoy — January 10, 07:22PM

Yes, I used the same and only account I have.

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P Lewis — January 10, 10:55PM

Try deleting and re-installing the app.

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David McCoy — January 11, 08:22AM

I already did the deleting and re-installing the app. It seems to be recognizing me because if I choose My eBird on the app home screen it shows my stats in 2 bar graphs, the top one is accurate and the bottom is missing numbers for 2018 and 2016. My total number of species and checklists is accurately displayed at the top for my county.
When I look at the checklists screen in the app it is empty. When I start a new checklist none of my locations are available to choose from.
I still have my old phone with eBird installed. I submitted 2 new checklists from it yesterday using WiFi.

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Malena Solis — January 11, 10:08AM

The same problem, it does not have any lists or locations, I had to start over and I see my lists in the website but it has not registered for the statistics, I have a list everyday since Jan1 and it appears as 0 continuous days

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P Lewis — January 11, 02:28PM

Perhaps you should email eBird directly by clicking EMAIL US in the blue box at right.

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David McCoy — January 11, 02:42PM

I think an email to eBird staff may be a good thing no matter how long it takes them to get to it. Thank you for taking the time to consider this issue.

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Caleb Marshall — January 12, 08:10AM

Are your locations not showing up on 'Choose a recent location', or 'Choose a location from a map'? When you reinstall eBird Mobile, checklists and 'Choose a recent location' always get cleared, but 'Choose a location from a map' should still have them all.
But if 'Choose a location from a map' doesn't have your locations, then something is indeed wrong or you are using a different account.

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David McCoy — January 12, 10:34AM

Caleb, I had not tried using the map on the new phone, I was only looking for my list of checklists. The map does have my locations and I am able to choose the one I want to use. That is a good thing, thank you for that tip.
However, none of my previous checklists for the chosen location show up under the submitted tab.

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Caleb Marshall — January 12, 09:54PM

Yeah, that's also (unfortunately) typical. To solve that you've got to go to the website. But fortunately the My eBird page in the app has improved greatly (at least on Android), so you'll also be able to brows past sightings there.

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Chi Melville — January 29, 10:17AM

I have a similar problem with eBird on my iPad. No previous checklists nor locations show up. I tried all the usual things, deleting the app and download again, then signing into my account again. No previous checklists show and when you submit, it doesn’t show up on my phone eBird app, however it does show on My Observations on the eBird website. Looks like eBird has database syncing issues between the various platforms.

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Chi Melville — January 29, 11:03AM

I also submitted the problem to eBird via the Contact form on the website and got this reply.

Hi Chi,
Thanks for writing in. The current version of the eBird Mobile app is intended as just a data-entry system, so the information on your app (e.g., checklists) will not be the same as in your eBird account on Everything that you’ve eBirded will be in your account, but only the sightings entered through that version of the mobile app will be on your mobile device. The personal locations are carried over, which is all that is required for data entry.
In the future we will be moving to have an app that is more fully integrated with the site – allowing you to explore your own data as well as that of other eBirders. Stay tuned, and over the next several months we’ll be improving the app, with each version better than the last!
This article will clarify things:
Let me know if this helps, and thank you for using eBird!

Andrew Dreelin
eBird Project Assistant
Cornell Lab of Ornithology

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Chi Melville — January 29, 11:04AM

So here's a work around for the iPhone until they can make the improvements to the app.

Start a new checklist on the phone and “Choose a Location From Map”. If you have Location services for eBird turned on to Always, you should find your yard show up as a location. Just choose that and submit a checklist which will become a saved checklist on your iPhone and show up on the website as a checklist. That location should then become a Recent Location on your iPhone that you can use going forward.

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