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Lindy Schneider — December 06, 03:17AM

Location managing

Dear eBird,

For a while I have been recording my sightings in a hotspot, but recently changed to keeping a more detailed account in smaller locations within the hotspot. However, these locations are on private land, so is much of the rest of the hotspot (it is a large research station, with the smaller locations being quite distinct and sometimes over 20km away from each other). Plus, I find it slightly annoying to now not have the overview of the entire hotspot, because some species are only listed in the more detailed location.

I was wondering if there is a way I could keep lists in the detailed locations, but having them show altogether in the hotspot as well for overview, so the hotspot sort of overarches the sub-locations? As if the hotspot were a county/country that represents what is present. I wouldn't want the smaller locations to be visible for the public, although the hotspot may be shown, no problem.

I hope I have been able to explain the situation..

Caleb Marshall — December 06, 08:10AM

Unfortunately, eBird doesn't have a way to make pages for private locations as they do for hotspots and regions.

But fortunately, there are some ways to get something similar.
You probably already know about patches, but here's a link in case you don't:

Or you can get a observation summary, which is probably more what you're looking for:

It would still be nice to have a hotspot-like page, so you could contact eBird directly (This is just a community forum) with the tiny Contact button at the upper right corner.

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P Lewis — December 06, 08:59AM

Maybe there should be "Hot areas"

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Lindy Schneider — December 07, 02:50AM

Ah thanks Caleb, I didn’t know about patches. A hotspot where you could define the patch would be ideal.

Like a hotspot area indeed, P Lewis.

I will contact eBird, but for now thanks for your help!

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