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Natures Message — December 05, 02:48PM

Stop Harrasing Wildlife in Private Properties!!

40 years the Night Herons would fly out from the trees in the evenings and we could watch them from our living room window. Then a post went out on Audubon Message board and people flocked to view them. They have never been back since! Yesterday on 98th in Stanwood the road was filled with peoples cars. There are animals that cross that road every day to get to the river for food, they went hungry. People living down the road did not appreciate the invasion on private land without invite. So when are you people going to have respect for the wildlife and the neighborhoods you invade in grooves!!?? Are you all stupid disrespectful people? I would hope not for the Birds and Animals sake.... they have been here over a million years and your own greed to post something on the bird chat boards has caused an invasion never seen before and you are all displacing birds and wildlife by your own arrogant greed to be somebody. Why can't you live with wildlife and feel lucky you saw something in your regular routes or at a refuge. Stop ganging up on them!

P Lewis — December 05, 02:08PM

Birders DO NOT trespass on private property, most care about conservation.

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Natures Message — December 07, 03:23PM

Yes they do trespass... How would you feel if your Dog that normally only barks at intruders starts barking early in the morning and continues because a group of People are standing outside your house looking into Your back yard and gardens around Your house who were not invited!! Are you friggin kidding Me! It is disrespectful and inconsiderate! I consider that alone personal trespass against someones residence. Now maybe your Mother didn't raise you right with respect towards others but mine did and I also grew up learning to be considerate to all nature and people not just birds. Go to a refuge or a wilderness area as I am sure those birds exist elsewhere in the state. The Dykes along 98th Ave are Privately Owned and Maintained. So if you were on the dyke then you were on someone else's property...

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P Lewis — December 07, 11:34PM

Yes, the people on that dike trespassed. They shouldn't have. But most birders don't. Look up the Black-backed Oriole in PA. Look up the Calliope Hummingbird in MD. No trespassing there. And those were beyond mega-rarity status.

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Natures Message — December 08, 11:09AM

Your Right! ..They did trespass... To look up those rare sightings should be telling you something your obviously missing. They are adapting to a warmer climate as we humans change the world. I can give you a list of birds that were not here 30-50 years ago, or 5-10 years ago. I am old enough to have seen many changes, living in the bush of Alaska, living in the jungle and desert of Maui and in Stanwood years ago when everyone waved at each other and stopped to let people cross the road. Yes the world has changed dramatically due to how people vote and decide whats good for "them", not the Earth, Nature or even each other. The rare sightings you people are seeing is equal to the Polar Bears having to fish the streams for char, and eat seaweed because there is no ice to hunt seals, pretty rare huh. New species will continually arrive from now on because of the changes. There is no need to gather in crowds in neighborhoods over a sighting and disrupt the environment and cause chaos in the streets. Your Bird world has been ever changing, the People watching Birds are just noticing the change with each new arrival. Get used to can't stop it now. Or start a website and ask for Donations! It's all about profit right?

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P Lewis — December 08, 03:42PM

This is not a place to discuss politics.

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meg — December 26, 07:54PM

Nature's Message and P Lewis,

These are the two diametrically opposed sides to this argument. We believe that both of you are making good points. We have no solution, for private property is indeed private and can so easily be subject to intrusion even if unintended or only incidentally.

Maybe the oriole and the hummingbird were "nice" examples, but there are oh so many others that are / were not so nice. As birders (and most are conscientious and remarkably respectful of others) lots of intrusions occur.

We hope that you can resolve these issues amicably (at least eventually). there are lots of public spaces and we do not need to see every out of location individual bird no matter our financial opportunity to do so.

good birding,


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