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Neil P — September 13, 04:24PM

eBird app checklist submission error

NSURLerrorDomain error -1011. Any one ever gotten this error when submitting a checklist from the app? I've tried closing and re-opening and app and also restarting my phone but still not working.

Reuben Braddock — September 13, 12:30PM

I'm also getting the same error. Suspect it's a temporary server issue or something. (I'm based in London, UK, don't know if it's UK specific...)

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Ian Hearn — September 13, 12:40PM

I'm having the same problem in Tennessee.

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Richard Trinkner — September 13, 12:41PM

Same problem here. I'm trying to edit the time and duration of checklists that I submitted a few months ago. eBird displays the checklist details correctly. Then I click on the button to edit the time/effort. After adjusting the time/effort, I try to save the changes and then receive the "Oops..." error.

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Glenn Lahde — September 13, 12:56PM

Having same problem submitting checklist. Tried several times getting the same oops something went wrong...... Not sure if it is related to big storm on East coast.

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John Shrader — September 13, 01:01PM

I too am getting the "Oops" error when trying to save newly entered records or editing records. Furthermore, the system will not let me send any e-mails directly to eBird! What is going on?

Seems to me that part of the system suddenly went down. I used eBird all day yesterday without problems and for several hours this morning without problems, until the "Oops" page started showing up. I rebooted, closed out the browser, re-entered the data, same error. Also tried other records, and tried resending eBird an e-mail all of which failed.

eBird should post on the Home page when they are having a problem and give us an estimated time until this will be resolved. Many of us are very busy, and putting in bird records isn't my primary job. The system doesn't seem all that reliable to me (at least today!)

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Matt — September 13, 01:29PM

Hi all,

For the NSURL error try this:

If you tap on the name of the location (at the top of the checklist), and edit the location to be a different spot, it should work. This error can happen if you use a location that doesn't exist anymore (e.g., it has been merged with another location or deleted), and changing the location will fix that. You can just create a new personal location right next to the previous one, and you'll be good to go.

I'm looking into he "oops" error.

Let me know if this helps, and thank you for using eBird!

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Reuben Braddock — September 13, 01:56PM

Seems to be fixed now, I’ve been able to submit without changing location. Thanks!

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Mary E Hansen — September 13, 02:20PM

I have had the same problem here so thanks for all the comments above. I went into my list, "changed" the location...I actually chose the same location again and it has now accepted it. I thought the problem might be that I was sharing this list with the second birder in my group, a new addition that I really like.

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J Stormer — September 13, 05:47PM

I am still having the problem of the submit request timing out. I have done everything mentioned above including changing my password. This is getting very frustrating as I have probably spent two hours on this today. I don't think is is a problem on my phone or account.

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meg — September 15, 01:44PM

Several Birders,

Sometimes such errors occur when eBird techies are adjusting the system. Such events most often occur on Tuesdays, so this event on a Thursday is unusual in that regard. But since all the notes are on the same day, likely a change to system - or perhaps only coming back to haunt data entry two days after the system changed?

MATT? and why might a location be deleted??? that can only happen by the individual birder's choice unless others are messing with the data??? Or maybe for hotspots???

Good birding,


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