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Mason Flint — July 09, 05:23PM

Is there a way to check date of checklist submission and/or when a checklist was updated?

eBird checklist show the date of the sightings reported but I'm wondering if there is a way to see then the checklist was submitted to eBird. Does anyone know if that information is available and, if so, where to find it?

In case you're wondering, here's why.

I mostly use the eBird iPhone app in the field but occasionally submit sightings at a later date - usually because I'm in a location with no internet access and I didn't pre-download a checklist for the location. I also sometimes update checklists after the fact to add photos and, occasionally, add new species after reviewing photographic records.

I received a notification from an eBird reviewer regarding an erroneous sighting and photo and am trying to figure out when I made the error. The ID wasn't difficult so I was stumped regarding how I screwed up. I checked my photographic records in Lightroom an found that the photo I uploaded was tagged as another species in the same folder. I'm guessing that I updated the checklist based on the photo tagging without (duh) actually looking at the photo very carefully. It would be useful to know the chronology of when I submitted the checklist and if I added the erroneous sighting when I uploaded the photo. :-)

I know that the checklist was submitted from the eBird mobile app but

Andrew Core — July 09, 03:32PM

Check with your reviewer; they should be able to see when the checklist was created and the last date it was edited.

Editing, however, can be many things, and is not limited to you (the user) changing something. It can be taxonomic updates, filter updates, or review, etc.

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Mason I Flint — July 09, 05:17PM

Thanks. I sent a note to the reviewer to see what he can see.


Mason Flint

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meg — September 01, 03:15PM

Mason and Andrew,

Nice idea, but there's 'gotta be a better way than asking a reviewer for such information. the review process is adequately cracked and nonfuctional without asking such questions.

eBird needs to offer access to the meta data (for our own entries) so we can all seek the sorts of information Mason wishes to access.

good birding,


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