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Mary Alice Tartler — February 04, 05:24PM

My complete list was not accepted by Ebird

I tried to enter that I observed 100 Redhead Ducks in a pond by Lawton Stables in Sea Pines, but Ebird wanted more details. I provided 4 photos of these ducks, plus every birder on the Island saw them after I reported seeing them. I am not sure what other details I could provide as documentation. Can you explain to me what I should have provided - more photos??? Better description of a Redhead duck? I am totally baffled by Ebird - I am not sure why I even try to report my sightings. Also, Ebird would not let me change my location from "Sea Pines Preserve" to Lawton Stables, both located in Sea Pines. Ebird is very difficult to use!

Caleb Marshall — February 04, 03:52PM

You need you check a little box to confirm that you really meant to enter something rare, seasonally rare, or an abnormally high count, or both.
A photo is about the best thing you can do to help confirm a rarity.
Once you learn what to do, eBird is very easy and usefull, so don't give up.

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Jake Garret — February 04, 04:38PM

Whenever you have a rare species or an unusually high count of even a common species to report it will ask you for confirmation as Caleb said, and you will have to check the box to say you did not make a mistake in entering your numbers or accidentally list the wrong species. But that doesn't automatically make your rare sighting appear to the public (for example, in the "Last Seen" list on a hotspot - though your visit and everything else you saw there SHOULD still appear - just not the bird in question, in this case 100 Redheads).

What has to happen first is your report will be flagged and a regional eBird volunteer reviewer will get notified of your abnormal sighting and will have to look at it and decide if it is legitimate. A picture should prove 100% you are telling the truth, so they will then mark the Redheads as officially confirmed and they should then appear for everyone to see if they search for recent Redhead sightings.

Congratulations on the find, by the way, Redheads are fairly uncommon where I am so 100 sounds amazing!

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Mary Alice Tartler — February 04, 05:40PM

Thank you Jake. I did find the box mentioned by Caleb and hopefully it will go through to the next level. I guess it is less important to me that it goes "public" but just that it is documented. The Redheads were a beautiful sight and are not common here (Hilton Head Island) as well. Lots of local birders got to see them and I took lots of photos so I would like for it to be documented. Thanks for your input.

Mary Alice

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Mary Alice Tartler — February 04, 05:41PM

Thank you Caleb - I will try to go find the box to check! I did submit 4 photos... THANKS, Mary Alice

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Liz Cieszynski — February 06, 01:54PM

I have been waiting too for confirmation of a rare sighting (photo submitted also and box checked) for a sighting of a Surf Scoter in the Mazatlan, Mexico area over a week ago. It did appear in my own listing. I very much appreciate other contributors and that is why I list my sightings. And, I know that I would be interested in a rare sighting and the possibility of seeing it too. Knowing about its location is vital.

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