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Michael Rose — January 08, 08:47AM

I don't understand the unreported "dot" that appears on my area checklists

Can someone point me in the right direction regarding the term unreported used in checklists with the purple coloured dot beside species name. Many thanks

Marie — January 08, 02:23PM

Could you provide an example (i.e., a checklist with that in it)? I'm not sure I've ever seen that before.

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Michael Rose — January 08, 09:04PM

Hi Marie thanks for responding. I am seeing this feature on my mobile checklists, recent addition I think.
Not sure how to provide example but I will have a look on the main site on my computer and see if it shows up on my checklists there.Then refer to specific checklist.

To me unreported(British English) means not reported, but several sp. that I report regularly have this flag against the name.

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Paul deNiverville — January 09, 05:16AM

I used the Hotspot Barcelona--Parc de la Ciutadella yesterday on my android phone with the latest version of Ebird. I also had species that had the purple dot beside its names. I reported a Western Yellow Wagtail that has the purple dot (meaning unreported). The ebird list was submitted and accepted. ( The Western Yellow Wagtail still has the purple dot this morning when I open up the ebird app and starting putting in data. (I won't submit this fake data.)
I think I understand what the purple dot means, but I think there is a problem in how the purple dots are being assigned to species. Or maybe someone could explain the rules for assigning purple dots.

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Michael — January 09, 05:42AM

Paul thats great, so what does unreported mean? I guess it may actually mean under reported i.e. lack of data but would love to know. Cheers Mike

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Caleb Marshall — January 09, 08:58PM

When using the smart sort on the mobile app the purple (or red, for me) dot beside a species name at the bottom of the list means that it's either a spuh (non-species level) or hasn't been reported within a variable distance (depending on how much data there is) from the location you've selected within three weeks (past week, current week, and future week). The map is divided into 30km x 30km gris cells. If during those three weeks there are at least 15 checklists then it creates a checklist from them (6%-100%=no dot, less than 6%=orange dot, and 0% and all spuhs=red dots.)
If there aren't 15 checklists, then it zooms out to a 60x60km grid. If there isn't 15 checklists for that period at 60km, then it zooms out to 100km. If there isn't 15 checklists it reverts back to the usual checklist. You can see how many checklists and area by a gray bar at the top just below the green one (for Android, it might be different for iOS).
If you type in "smart sort" to the help search bar, you could probably find out more.

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Michael — January 09, 09:26PM

Thanks Caleb that's very helpful
Best wishes

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