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Jock McCracken — January 04, 03:51AM

hiding a list that might contain sensitive owls

I found two owls that I want to keep off my eBird list at this point. I submitted a test report with another bird that was in the area ( have not added the owls yet) and I clicked the box at the bottom to hide the list. My plan was to see if it properly hides that bird then I will add the owls today. I submitted yesterday. Today when I go into "recent checklists" that "hidden" bird still appears. Is that because I am viewing it through my eBird login or am doing it wrong or does it take a more hours before it properly hides?

J — January 04, 07:31PM

I believe it is because you can see your "hidden" checklists but others cannot.

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Liam — January 05, 11:04AM

A better test would be searching for the species on the "species maps". If your bird on the list is visible on the species map, then the list hasn't been hidden yet. If your bird is not visible, then your list has been hidden. Also keep in mind that if your owls are rare enough to be considered "sensitive species" ( then eBird will automatically hide them from output.

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Ryu Callaway — January 05, 06:33PM

Hiding your list takes immediate effect for people viewing the checklist and species maps. The only place where it may not is if you hide it after it shows up in your local 'explore a region' page. This page updates approximately once a day so it will not disappear from there until the following update. Conversely, it will not appear there in the first place except for its once a day update, so you should always be fine if you hide immediately after submitting your list

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Jock McCracken — January 06, 12:25AM

Thank you so much for your help. I think my problem was: I viewed the “ hidden” list in my own account which does not hide it but if I viewed on some one else’s account it is hidden.
I was worried that clicking the “ box” to hide it was not working and I would reveal these owls. BTW I do not reveal the exact location for some of these owls and I say so in my comments.
In the Vancouver area there is such a demand to see and photograph owls that a bunch of people will set up their tripods and sit in front of the owls for hours until it opens their eyes. I have heard that people will through sticks at them to wake them up during the day. If I find an owl I will take my few pictures and leave. This is why I am trying to make sure that I am hiding properly.
Cheers Jock

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meg test — January 24, 03:47PM


did one of the respondents already suggest searching wnen not loggid in at your account? Then you see as everybody else sees the data.

Good birding,


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