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Kaija — June 27, 09:20PM

How can I see who I have shared a checklist with?

I recently went on a multi-day birding trip and kept lots of different checklists for each location. I have finished entering the checklists, and as I go along I have been sharing each one with the person I was birding with. But since there are so many lists, it's possible that there are a few that I forgot to share, and I want to make sure that my birding buddy gets all of them.

I'm looking at the "Manage my checklists" and "My shared checklists" pages, but there doesn't seem to be a way to see which checklists I have already shared (but have not necessarily been accepted by the other person) and which have yet to be shared. I don't see an indication of this when I click on the individual checklists themselves, either. Is there any way to see which lists have been shared and which have not?


Brian Self — June 30, 04:59PM

You raise a very good question here Kaija and one I also have trouble with. I frequently share checklists with others and it would be very helpful if there was some sort of a checkmark to indicate which checklists have been shared.
I also have not found a way to do this. I would guess that it would be fairly straightforward to introduce it to the programme.
Are you listening eBird?

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meg — July 18, 01:30PM

Kaija and Brian,

Only moments ago we sent a question almost identical to this directly to the eBird techies. Not time yet for a reply, but I will come back here if we get ans answer.

Why we can see lists shared to us as the sharee (receiver) but not lists we send as the sharer (to others) is certainly a peculiar fault in the system.

And especially so in view of the July eBird Challenge where lists as sharer and as sharee count toward the total of shared lists.

Unfortunately Brian, nobody at eBird pays much attention to this forum. Ask the Community ispurely for questions amongst the uninitiated. eBird techies were not even aware that this formu was not functional for a month earlier in the year!

good birding and data sharing,


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Ruth — August 13, 06:09AM

Hey Meg, any answers yet from the eBird tech guys? This is a gap in functionality that many of us would like to have fixed.

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