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Sherry — March 25, 02:18AM

How do I find a friend's list?

A friend of mine is in Rwanda. She emailed me to say that she posted on ebird the birds she's recently seen. She suggested I check out her list. How do I do that?

Oliver Burrus — March 25, 09:00AM

There are a few ways to do this:
1 - ask her to send you a link to those checklists.
2 - if you know of a hotspot that she went to then you can look in the recent checklists section of the hotspot page.
And 3 - if it was a personal location then in the species map and search for a species that you know that she saw and zoom in to the location of that checklist.

Oliver Burrus -

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Sherry — March 25, 02:17PM

Is there no way at all to look up an individual person's checklist? Sometimes I want to do that for others I know are good birders in my own area, just to see who they are reporting, but haven't found a way to do that.

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Sherry — March 25, 02:21PM

I should've added . . . I want to do that for local birders who are good birders, but don't want to have to do an hour's research for every hotspot in my county! If this isn't possible, can ebird please look into making it possible?

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Caleb — March 30, 09:00AM

This sounds like a really useful feature, but it could be misused very badly to stalk people. Because of that, it probably won't happen.
On "My Profile" you have the option to show your latest checklists, so you could regularly check the profiles (if they have them) of the birders you're interested in.

If you know the general location (county, province, etc.) that the person submitted the checklist to, you might be able to find their list in the "Recent Visits" page on "Explore a Region". This only works if there are not many eBirders visiting that location. You could use a similar method to find lists using "Explore Media" if you know the eBirder added photos to their list.
Here is the regional overview of Rwanda:

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Sherry — March 30, 01:19PM

Ok, I get the stalking thing. Although, we do see each other's lists when we explore a region or a species. Maybe there could be in the future a feature that allows ebirders who are "friends" to see each other's checklists. I think we have to mutually agree to be friends, correct?

I did find my friend's list. She had given me the date, so I found it that way.

Thanks for dialoging. Still love ebird :)

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Caleb — May 01, 08:41AM

Good point, there's already a method set in place for making another user your friend (for checklist sharing).

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Sherry — May 01, 11:15AM

Yes, it seems like if we mutually agree to be ebird friends, that should automatically mean we can see each other's lists even if we're not sharing that list. If someone looks up a hotspot or a bird in my county and finds my name, that person can also find out where I live and other information about me (which is why I don't use my real name). If perfect strangers can do that, it seems like people I am friends with in reality and already know who I am and where I live should be able to see my lists -- and vice versa.

Please suggest that to the powers that be.

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