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Tim Houghton — March 09, 01:31PM

bird list at "my locations"

When I click on "explore," then on "bar charts," and then on a hotspot under "my locations," I receive the list of all birds ever seen at the location instead of only the list that I have seen there. This began just a couple of days ago. I preferred having just my birds, but I know I can find it elsewhere. If I received a notice about a system change, I missed it. Can anyone explain? I'm curious.

Caleb — March 09, 11:50AM

I'm not sure I understand the change that you're describing.
Hotspot bar charts (and those of any area larger than that such as a county or multiple hotspots) always include the data from everyone. Otherwise it's likely to be very incomplete.
It will only include you data on a personal location if you're the only one to use that location.
I don't think that's been changed recently.

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Tim Houghton — March 09, 06:14PM

Yes, I don't think you understand the matter. I believe I made it clear--I explained the steps I took. For 6 years, when I clicked on a hotspot under "my locations" after going through "explore data" and "bar charts," the list of birds that came up were only the birds that I had seen myself at the location. Now I'm getting the total list of birds that everyone has seen at the locaation. This is a change. I would appreciate hearing from someone who understands the matter and can explain why the nature of the list has changed.

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Mark Johnson — March 09, 07:40PM

To get the list of only birds I've seen at a hotspot, I click the Explore Data tab, then Explore Hotspots, then type in the hotspot, or zoom in to it on the map, then click View Details. Your number will be shown in the lower right corner under Top ebirders. Click on your number and your list will come up.

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Tim Houghton — March 09, 08:20PM

Hi Mark,

Funny to hear from you at this location. Yes, I know about what you mentioned. I'm just very curious to know why the nature of the list changed in the way I described. Why did it go from my birds to all birds? Was it maybe something weird that affected only me? Perhaps this change didn't happen to anyone else. Tim

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James Wilkinson — March 10, 05:29AM

I just noticed this too---am getting a bar chart of every bird seen at the site if it is a hotspot---not just my observations----3/10/17

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Ryu Callaway — March 10, 04:56PM

I know what you mean - Caleb, depending on how you accessed it, you could get bar charts and line graphs of your own obs only.

I'm not a regular user of this feature so wasn't aware of the change but trying it out now, it no longer works.

This seems to coincide with a change in the line graphs that I've noticed over the past week- in the past you could hover over points and get week/count. It also had bar graphs at the bottom showing the number of checklists submitted. Now it has neither

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Tim Houghton — March 10, 07:37PM

I'm glad others have noticed the same change. I wrote eBird directly a few days ago, but I haven't heard a response yet. I hope someone there will take the time to respond and let me know why the change--and that it isn't their error. I'm curious to know why.

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Filmore — March 11, 09:20PM

When I click on "Explore Data," then on "Bar Charts," then on "My Locations," and then select a personal location (sensu strictu), the bar chart that comes up only includes my sightings, as one might expect.

However, if I select a "personal" location that is **also** a hotspot, then the behavior described by the op occurs.

I could imagine one's personal location could have been made a hotspot recently, and that might explain the behavior change.

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Tim Houghton — March 11, 09:39PM

Unfortunately, the change doesn't have do to with my "personal" locations. It has to do with the hotspots. Still no word from eBird. Heck, I'll call them if I have to.

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Ryu Callaway — March 15, 04:00AM

Do they have a phone number? Because I've had trouble getting a decent answer for an issue with the app that I have tried to report.

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Tim Houghton — March 15, 09:39AM

There's a phone number, which I haven't tried yet, listed through Cornell.

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James Wilkinson — March 22, 01:03PM

still having the same problem as of March 22---has anyone heard anything? Thanks!

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Tim Houghton — March 22, 10:07PM

I called eBird at Cornell, and they confirmed that the list of birds at My Locations should only be MY birds--and that there is a "bug" in the system, causing ALL the birds ever seen to be listed. I talked to a fellow named Ian--probably the same person who is supposed to respond to the emails--and he said it's a bug. I wonder if EVERYONE has the same issue. If not, maybe it has something to do with Mac computers or computers operating with an older version (like Mac Snow Leopard 10.6.8). I know I can't get updated on Chrome until I go from Snow Leopard to whatever the newest version is--maybe this is part of the problem? But I suspect the problem lies with eBird. T

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James Wilkinson — March 27, 08:48AM

I have Windows and the same thing is happening so I think it is an eBird problem

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Mike Mencotti — March 30, 09:53AM

Yes. The problem seems to be at eBird. I am running Chrome on Windows, and I have noticed the problem since, say, March 21. I, too, tried to email eBird, and I received no response. Thanks, Tim, for the follow-through. I guess we will have to sit tight until this bug is fixed.

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