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Ryan Andrews — May 19, 11:01PM

Breeding Code not working?

I'm having trouble with the breeding code, and extra details in general. I'll click add details on a bird, and nothing but the comment section will show up. I guess it's more me reporting a problem then a QU.

Brian Sullivan — May 19, 11:37PM eBird Staff

Hi Ryan

When you click the ‘Add Details’ button the comments box with open and there should be tabs below that, one of which is ‘Breeding Code’. If you click that tab the breeding codes drop down box should appear. I just tested it and it’s working for me. If it’s not working for you, please let me know which internet browser and version you’re using.



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Timothy Reichard — May 20, 12:39AM

I can reproduce this bug in Firefox 21.0 in 64-bit Windows 7. The problem is that the Add Data For... box does not show up.

If I make a new checklist in Firefox, add a species count for a species, and click on Add Details, new boxes show up for Comments and Age & Sex. I have Always Show Breeding Codes disabled in my preferences, but if I enable that option, then the Breeding Codes box also appears. There is no Add Data For... box.

If I edit the species list of a saved checklist and find a species with a non-zero count and comments entered, then only the Comments box appears. I can click on Hide Details to hide that box, then Show Details to display it, and again, only the Comments box appears. There is no option to add Age & Sex, Breeding Codes, or Oiled Birds because the Add Data For... box does not appear here either.

If I use Chrome 26.0.1410.64 on the same machine, then the Add Data For... box appears when making a new checklist and when editing a saved species list. No problem.

So the problem appears to be browser-dependent.

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Brian Sullivan — May 20, 12:16PM eBird Staff


Thanks, we’ll do our best to debug the Firefox issue.


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Dave King — May 20, 07:20PM

Timothy, Brian - I use Firefox (currently 20.0.1, but I see I am updating) and run on 64 bit Windows 7. Never had this problem, but we'll see what happens with the update. Occasionally the boxes don't pop up or they take a long time to load, but if I back out and retry, they eventually show up. I've always assumed it was a Verizon 4g problem, which is all I have available to me. Oh to be back in Frontier country with DSL!

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Dave King — May 20, 08:44PM

Timothy, Brian Don't know what's going on. Been playing with Firefox 21.0. When I first attempted to submit, I had the "Add Details" button but there was no response when I clicked on it. Went into the preferences and clicked to add sex and breeding codes and then when I clicked on "Add Details" I got comments and sex boxes showing up. Went back to preferences to delete the sex/breeding option and when I went back to enter, everything was AOK - click the button and get the comments box with the buttons down below. We'll see what happens when I open up new tomorrow.

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Timothy Reichard — May 21, 01:17AM

Brian, my Adblock Plus 2.2.24 extension for FIrefox 21.0 appears to be the culprit. If I disable that extension, then the Add Details For box appears in Firefox. And if I enable it again, the Add Details For box no longer appears.

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Brad Walker — May 22, 10:45AM

This will also occur if using an ad blocking extension in Chrome. Adding to the whitelist seems to do the trick.

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Ryan Andrews — June 03, 02:10PM

I'm using Windows 7 and Google Chrome. . . The add details tab will not show up at all. I'm traveling and haven't had this issue before so maybe it has to do with wi-fi? I'm heading home soon so I guess we'll see.

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Brian Sullivan — June 04, 01:55PM eBird Staff


Make sure that eBird is white-listed in any third party security software system running on your machine. These system can prevent javascripts from running, which are used to open and close these boxes on the checklist page.



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