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LJ — May 06, 04:10PM

Best way to post checklist from home - all day - office view?

I work from home a lot and have my office setup with a view of my feeders and back yard area. What is the best way to report my observations when they span 8+ hours, but are not necessarily dedicated to observing. I probably spend 2-3 hours actually 'staring' out, but the rest of the time I'm glancing out every couple of minutes or so, or every time I see a new shadow fly by. I'd say I am 'aware' of all the birds in view, but I know I miss some. I just want to make sure I am not mucking up the data with useless time spans, or other issues.

Brian Sullivan — May 06, 12:36PM eBird Staff

Hi LJ,

Really good question! The honest answer is that this kind of periodic observation from indoors should be classified in eBird as ‘Incidental Observation’. The reason is that birding is not your primary purpose, at least not for the entire duration, so it’s hard to compare these data with an 8 hr dedicated block of observation time. One thing you can do to really add value to your data is to incorporate a few ‘stationary counts’ into your daily birding. You can easily block off 10 min to do a count that is distinct from your entire day count. This way eBird gets a few effort-based checklists along with your longer day count list. If you can do a few of these, it will really improve our ability to understand the birds in your area!



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Oldsarge — May 07, 07:32AM

Thanks, Brian and LJ- a question I have had, also. Lately I have been posting my dedicated AM watch as "Stationary" and if I see something else later in the day, I post these birds as a supplemental "Incidental". Should I post just those extras, or should I post my entire day count, which usually enhances numbers for some species? (I'll sometimes do an extra 5 or 10 minute total count, but usually don't make the effort.)

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Brian Sullivan — May 07, 12:13PM eBird Staff

Sounds like you’re doing it the right way to me. If you are just posting a few noteworthy birds that you saw throughout the day, use the ‘Incidental Observation’ protocol. It’s great that you’re also doing a dedicated stationary count in the morning too!

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