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Uploading data - creating your .csv

eBird has a detailed section for how to create an upload file and bulk upload data to eBird. To do so, requires creating a .csv file, which stands for comma-separated values file. Each comma in the file defines what would be a column in a standard spreadsheet. Thus, a text line of "Northern Cardinal, Cardinalis cardinalis,5,eating at feeder" would equate to these columns in Excel.

However, the use of a comma --
, -- as a delimiter is a convention used in the United States and some regions of the world, but in Europe and other regions it is more typical to use a semicolon -- ; -- as the delimiter. These files are sometimes referred to as .scsv (semi-colon separated values) files, but they are still saved with the same extension, .csv.

The eBird upload program, however, requires that .csv files use a comma as the delimiter.

Since many people create .csv files within programs like Excel, it is worth understanding how to change this setting so that you can more easily create an eBird-compatible file that uses a comma as a delimiter. Excel and other programs read your International settings from your computer's settings. These can be changed prior to creating your file. 

We provide a guide below, but here is a another good guide to changing the delimiter default in your settings.

For Apple Computers

1) Go to the little Apple icon at the top left
2) Go to "System Preferences"
3) Click language and region from the top of the image. Below is an example.

4) Select "advanced" from the next menu
5) For "number separators" you should have an option to change the "Grouping" from a semicolon to a comma. Make sure your setting looks like the below. This is also where you express where you donated $53.53 to eBird this month or $53,53 or even ฿53,53 (Thai Baht).


For PC (Windows) Computers

1) Go to Start --> Control Panel --> Regional and Language Options
2) Click on Additional Settings
3) For List Separator, change to a comma

Good luck!
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