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I want to find out about birds at a location

If you want to find about birds at a location, then you're in the right place! eBird offers multiple ways to explore sightings from every country in the world—allowing you to see lists of birds seen at individual locations, counties, states, countries, or continents, with the ability to filter those observations by year or even time of year. 

Explore a Region

Most of the data exploration to find about birds at a location can be done using the Explore a Region tool. This page allows you to enter any county, state, province or country in the world, and see everything that you'd want to know about that area. In addition to the search box, where you can type in any region (e.g., Essex, or British Colombia, or Australia), there are also the Major Regions available below the box—ranging from the entire World to individual oceans. Make sure to just enter the name of the region that you're looking for without anything else: e.g., Massachusetts instead of Massachusetts, United States.

Once in the Explore a Region page for your chosen region, you are presented with a complete list of all birds every seen in that area. You can sort this by the last time they were seen there, the first time they were seen, the most recent highest counts for a species—all done by clicking on the appropriate name at the top of the species list. First Seen is the selected view in the example to the right here—showing that the most recent species added to the eBird all-time list in Costa Rica is Kelp Gull. You can also click the Bar Charts link (with the arrow next to it), which will take you to a Bar Chart for this area—showing you what time of year you can expect to see a certain bird. 

The Explore a Region page shows much more information about the region at hand, such as the Top eBirders, Recent Sightings of other eBirders, the top Hotspots, Counties/States/Provinces, and much more. However, to continue finding about birds at a location, you want you look at the Hotspot Explorer.

Hotspot Explorer

The Hotspot Explorer is an interactive map that features every eBird Hotspot in the world—thousands of locations that eBirders worldwide have suggested as locations to look for birds. The first thing you see when you open the Hotspot Explorer is a map showing the bird diversity of the world as represented in eBird—the "hotter" the color, the more species. It makes you wish you were in South America, Africa, or the Himalayas! To explore Hotspots in a smaller region, you can use either of the two search boxes at the top. If you already know the name of the location (e.g., Everglades NP), you can start typing that in the Hotspot search box. If you aren't sure of a hotspot that you're searching for, or you want to view hotspots around a larger geographic area, then use the right-hand search box (Location:). Entering a town, county, or any other location that Google recognizes will let you zoom the map to that region.

After zooming in, you will see the individual markers for hotspots. Clicking on one of these will give you an info balloon with details about that hotspot. You can also see all of the other markers in the area, and clicking on those will display the same set of information. At this point you can view the Bar Charts for that individual hotspot, the High Counts, or even get directions! Also possible is submitting data from this view, and clicking "View Details", which will give even more information about that hotspot. 

View Details gives you a similar view as the Explore a Region tool, but this is limited to an individual hotspot as opposed to a larger geographic region. This lets you view all the information available for a precise location, in one place and easy to use. The display is quite similar to the Explore a Region page, but there are a few differences. First, in the upper left you can click "Hotspot Map", which will take you back to the hotspot map, zoomed in on the same location that you were before. In addition, within a hotspot you can view the data by individual months and years, available from dropdown menus below the name of the hotspot.

Bar Charts

As mentioned in the Explore a Region section, there are Bar Charts available as a link from both the region pages and the Hotspot Explorer pages. These will display a bar chart of the birds seen in the region—showing when they're present in each week of the year. This lets you know what to expect when you show up in a place that you haven't been, and also can help give you target birds to see—if there is a bird that seems like it is present but isn't represented, then you can help complete the bar chart. These Bar Charts are available from the above link as well as through any of the Explore pages. 

And there you have it! Any county, state, province, country, or eBird Hotspot, at your fingertips. All of the over 260 million records that have been submitted by over 200,000 eBirders worldwide—helping inform your birding and making it as enjoyable as possible to go out and look for birds. We look forward to seeing your sightings in these tools as well, helping others in their birding, scientific, and conservation endeavors!
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