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Uploading Photos and Sounds

About the eBird-Macaulay Library Media Collection

Goal To develop a catalog of millions of photos and sounds, each of which serves as a “voucher specimen” for the associated eBird observation, creating an unprecedented natural ...

Adding Photos and Audio to eBird Checklists

Your photos and audio recordings are incredibly valuable, so in collaboration with the Macaulay Library, we developed a tool that allows you to upload your photos and recordings di...

Best Practices for Audio Upload to eBird

If you have sound recordings that you want to add to your eBird checklist, we encourage you to prepare your sounds using the same archival guidelines that are used at the Macaulay ...

Media Upload FAQs

eBird Rich Media Upload FAQ I have a terrible photo, should I upload it? Is the bird marked as unusual in eBird, and can you tell what the bird is? If so, then yes! Even...

eBird Media Licensing Agreement

When you first add an image using the Media Upload tool, you will be prompted to accept the below license agreement. The agreement must be accepted in order to add images using thi...

Uploading Media to eBird as a minor—how to get parental consent

For Young Birders: We’re thrilled you would like to contribute media to eBird! If you are between the ages of 13-17, please ask your parents send us an email (ebird@cornell.ed...

Creating eBird Checklists for Historical Recordings

Do you have old sound recordings that you would like to upload to the Macaulay Library, but you don’t have an eBird checklist or complete field notes for your recording session? Th...

Photo Quality Rating Guidelines

Any photo and sound in the eBird/Macaulay Library collection can be rated. When you're adding the media to your checklist, you can click the star icons next to the image, or you ca...

Audio Quality Rating Guidelines

The major theme when rating the quality of audio recordings is this: How loud is the target bird sound compared to the background noise in the recording? For bird sound recording...

Understanding star ratings

Adding star ratings for your photos and audio recordings is incredibly valuable. When you upload a photo or sound, you can give it a rating, and you can also rate any other media i...
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