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eBird Mobile FAQs

eBird Mobile Quick Entry

One of the greatest advantages to using eBird Mobile is the speed and ease with which you can enter your sightings. When you first begin your checklist, you'll see the beginning of...

Using eBird Mobile Offline

The eBird Mobile app is the best way to record the birds you see while you're traveling. It works anywhere around the world, and incorporates local bird checklists and data quality...

Setting Common Names in eBird Mobile

Just like in eBird, Common Name preferences can be set in eBird Mobile. The common names of birds can be displayed in a few dozen different regional versions that more closely matc...

Deleting a species or count in eBird Mobile

Deleting a species in eBird Mobile is very easy, once you learn the tricks. While BirdLog (eBird Mobile's predecessor) allowed you to enter a 0 to delete a species count, this does...

Why don't my eBird checklists 'sync' with eBird Mobile?

So you've started using eBird Mobile, either for the first time or on a new device, and you don't see any lists from your previous eBirding endeavors. Do not worry—no lists are mis...

Deleting an unsubmitted checklist in eBird Mobile

Go to the home page, and then to My Checklists. All of the lists that you've entered in eBird Mobile can be found here. If you're using an iOS device, at this point all you have to...

How do I add photos and details to my eBird Mobile checklists?

While the eBird Mobile app is vastly improving the accuracy of data by allowing us to collect it while we are actually birding, trying to enter descriptive notes to support an obse...

eBird Mobile data entry tips and tricks

The eBird Mobile app makes it is possible to collect and submit bird observations directly to eBird from the field. If you have a smartphone, we strongly recommend using this app a...

Why do I have to 'confirm' birds during data entry?

For rare/notable sightings, eBird requires additional information. This is a part of the eBird data quality process, and an essential part in making sure that eBird sightings are u...

What happened to BirdLog?

In 2012, David Bell’s company BirdsInTheHand, LLC, released a mobile app called ‘BirdLog’, on Android and iOS devices. This app revolutionized the way birders recorded information ...
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