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General Information

What are eBird Regional Portals?

eBird is a global project, and we build partnerships around the world with like-minded organizations who have the local contact, influence, and expertise to develop the eBird syste...

Data Privacy

eBird revolves around sharing data with science, conservation, and other birders. But since the data are displayed on maps in real time, we provide options to adjust your privacy s...

Recommended Citation

For any use of eBird data, or for general reference to the project in peer-reviewed literature, use this citation: eBird Primary Reference: Sullivan, B.L., C.L. Wood, M.J. Iliff,...

Promotional Items

The items below are available for eBird enthusiasts who want to share the eBird message with others by giving eBird presentations (powerpoints), handing out fliers at local bird cl...

Listing regions in eBird

The major listing regions in eBird follow those defined by the American Birding Association, unless otherwise noted with an asterisk (*). However, it should also be noted that we h...

Breeding Codes & Behavior Codes

Breeding Codes, perhaps most appropriately called behavior codes, provide the ability to enter the highest-level breeding codes that you made for each species into your checklist t...

Can I enter my Christmas Bird Count into eBird?

The Christmas Bird Count is the largest and longest-running ornithological citizen science project. Its data are a great complement to what we are collecting in eBird, and indeed t...

Can I download raw data from eBird?

With eBird now gathering millions of bird records every month, it has become an increasingly valuable database for science, research, and conservation. Putting your data into the h...

What is an IBA?

It is with much excitement that Team eBird announces that Important Bird Areas (IBAs) for the United States, Canada, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, and the Caribbean are now visible for ...

Promoting eBird at your local bird club

As eBird Project Leaders, we would like nothing more than to be able to visit each corner of the Western Hemisphere to provide a 'hands-on' eBird experience for local groups (and t...
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