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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I view arrivals, departures, or high counts for a species in my region?

We are pleased to announce the release of several new eBird output tools featuring Arrivals, Departures and High Counts. These tools provide birders with new ways to explore the eB...

Can I enter my Project Feederwatch data in eBird?

Project Feederwatch and eBird are not integrated. The two projects have different rules for how birds are counted and, importantly, Project Feederwatch does not require a specific ...

What is the ABA area?

All species seen within the area encompassed by the 49 continental United States, Canada, the French islands of St. Pierre et Miquelon, and adjacent waters to a distance of 200 nau...

What are ABA Area Total Ticks?

ABA Area Total Ticks is determined by adding one's list for each state, province and territory within the ABA Area. For instance, if you have seen 25 birds in Arizona, 100 in Calif...

What is Abundance?

"Abundance" is the average number of birds reported on all checklists within a specified date range and region. These data tell us what we might to expect when going out birding on...

What is the AOU area?

The same as North America with the addition of the Hawaiian Islands, Clipperton Island, and Swan, Providencia, and San Andrés Islands in the Gulf of Mexico. In the current version ...

What is Average Count?

"Average Count" is the average number of birds seen on checklists with a positive observation for the species within a specified date range and region. This calculation differs fro...

What is a Bird Conservation Region (BCR)?

Bird Conservation Regions are ecologically distinct regions in North America with similar bird communities, habitats, and resource management issues as defined by mapping teams of ...

What is Birds Per Hour?

"Birds per hour" is the average number of birds seen per hour spent birding within a specified date range and region. Similar to Abundance in that it gives the user a measure of th...

Can I enter data using Latitude and Longitude?

eBird currently accepts two types of coordinates. Decimal Degrees (DD) An alternate method to the more familiar Degrees-Minutes-Seconds of expressing latitude and longitud...
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