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Entering Data

What Data are Appropriate?

This feature describes the kinds of data appropriate for eBird, provides some tips for data entry, and warns about the problems associated with certain kinds of birding and histori...

Adding Species to a Checklist

​You can add any species to any checklist that you submit to eBird. The process is slightly different for eBird Mobile (see below) and Here is what to do once you have ...

Multi-party Counts (e.g., Christmas Bird Counts)

eBird is designed to take data from single-party birding outings. A single party can consist of any number of participants, as long as you are birding together as a group. So birdi...

Entering Historical Data

The value of entering historical data into the eBird database cannot be overstated. These records help build historical perspective in the database, and allow us to look farther ba...

Cannot find a species name in eBird

If you are trying to find a species name when entering a checklist in eBird, but can't find it, first we need to make sure you are searching in the right way. To search the entire ...

Reporting Rarities--Elements of a Bird Description

Documenting a notable bird sighting is a part of everyday life for most birders, especially with the growing popularity of eBird. With the increase in documentation out there, thou...

How to Upload Your Life List

eBird does not have a way to load an initial life list, since the minimum requirement for an eBird record is species + single date + location. You can build a life list through the...

Uploading Data to eBird

Many eBird users have bird records stored electronically in various forms on their personal computers. The eBird import tool is designed to provide an interface through which these...

Understanding Observation Types

We've noticed at eBird that many observers are choosing the "Incidental Observation" methodology when in fact they are actually conducting more rigorous types of surveys while bird...

How to Use the Comments Fields

eBird has two comments fields that can be used however you choose. Checklist comments can be set to public or private, while species comments are always public. While eBirders some...
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