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Entering Data

Using the "Flyover" code in eBird

The "F - Flyover" code (hereafter "F") is available currently in the drop-down list of breeding and behavior codes; these are discussed in full in our Help topic: Breeding and Beha...

What is a Nocturnal checklist?

While looking through checklists on eBird, you may have noticed that some have the "Nocturnal" designation. What exactly does that mean? Whenever you submit a checklist, there are ...

Quick Entry Codes in eBird

Within eBird, you can find any bird name by just starting to type the name, or searching for something like "jay" or "sandpiper". But sometimes this doesn't help very much. Lots of...

Uploading data - creating your .csv

eBird has a detailed section for how to create an upload file and bulk upload data to eBird. To do so, requires creating a .csv file, which stands for comma-separated values file. ...

Importing Avisys to eBird

All of us at Team eBird would like to thank Chris Sloan for his below accounting of importing Avisys data to eBird. It provides a great manual for importing data, and makes the pro...

Importing BirdBase to eBird

BB2eBird™ is a Windows application program that converts your BirdBase sightings into an eBird upload format, thereby allowing those sightings to be easily imported into the eBird ...

Adding Photos, Videos, and Recordings to Checklists from third-party sites

If you want to add images or recordings to your checklists, then you should use the Media Upload tool available in eBird—just drag and drop an image or sound from your computer rig...

How do I enter my yard sightings in eBird?

Below are some guidelines to making the most of entering checklists from your yard, office, or other such situations. Option 1: Submit an effort-based checklist (e.g., Stationary ...

How Quick Entry Codes are created

For those of you who use Quick Entry Codes, and want to learn more about how they were created, you're in the right place. This gets into the specifics of how the codes are generat...
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