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Entering Data

Entering Non-species Taxa

What happens when I enter a hybrid, subspecies, or something like scoter sp. in eBird? Will those show up on my lists? Never fear--these will not show up on your eBird lists. If yo...

Data Entry Shortcuts and Tips

We often hear from birders who use eBird that they'd like to use it more, but that they just "don't have the time". We know your time is valuable, and that’s why eBird has been wor...

How to Count Birds

Counting birds can be a challenging aspect of birding. At eBird we prefer that you try to estimate the numbers of birds on every checklist, and we've developed three bird counting ...

Entering Nocturnal Flight Call Counts

[Update 21 Oct 2014: Note that the "Bird counting" section has been modified slightly to clarify that counts should reflect counts or estimates of total birds, NOT flight call coun...

How do I use the "Jump to Species" box?

As eBird goes global, using the "Jump to Species" box for faster data entry will become more important. In many parts of the world we have rudimentary checklists in place, unlike t...

Understanding Subspecies in eBird

Most species names in eBird are easily found with a glance at your field guide, but eBird also allows entry of a number of other birds (sometimes we call them 'taxa') whose names d...

How do I change the location of a checklist?

We all make occasional mistakes on data entry, so eBird makes it easy to change the location, date, count details, or species on any checklist. If you need to edit a location, chan...

eBird Pelagic Protocol

Ahoy, mateys... On land or on the sea, eBird thrives when data are entered with specific and accurate locations. The ability to associate complete checklists of birds with specific...

Banding Protocol

eBird was built as a monitoring tool for wild birds observed in the field, and uses a combination of duration and distance traveled to understand how field observers detect birds. ...

What does 'birding was your primary purpose' mean?

When selecting your eBird checklist protocol, the phrase 'birding was your primary purpose' is used in several protocol descriptions. This is an exceedingly important aspect of dat...
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