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Community Questions

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Error: Ebird Can't Access the Server Sara C Masuda – May 03, 08:43PM
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Global Big Day Submission John Purrington – May 03, 08:19PM
Replies: 1 Community
Latest: Shilpa Gadgil May 05, 03:33PM
People reporting impossible sightings Barbara A. Peterson – May 03, 05:20PM
Replies: 4 Community
Latest: markie May 03, 06:26PM
Is it possible to remove a recorded mobile track from a checklist? Conor – May 03, 04:29PM
Replies: 1 Community
Latest: sofia pierce May 03, 06:28PM
How do I post my reports on ISS Shore birds Michael – May 03, 12:30AM
Replies: 2 Community
Latest: markie May 03, 01:36AM
Why does "Unauthorized Access" show up each time I try to submit a checklist? sofia pierce – May 02, 12:42PM
Replies: 3 Community
Latest: Krista May 02, 01:16PM
How do I set the eBird bird list to ‘checked’ (from likely) and make it alphabetical? Alice – May 02, 11:48AM
Replies: 3 Community
Latest: Krista May 02, 01:27PM
My data has not been uploading, and "Unauthorized Acces" shows up each time I try to submit a list. SP – May 01, 08:20PM
Replies: 2 Community
Latest: Krista May 02, 01:17PM
My lists are submitted and accepted but they do not show up when I use explore to see that location. Bruce – May 01, 07:16PM
Replies: 1 Community
Latest: Andrew Core May 02, 05:31PM
Robins standing still Laura Friedman – May 01, 04:29PM
Replies: 2 Community
Latest: Karl Curtis May 03, 01:10AM
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