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Why is my record not showing up in eBird's output tools?

There are several reasons why observations may not be appearing on maps or other eBird output. They are:

  1. Most commonly, the record was of a rare species that was flagged for confirmation by our volunteer experts. These volunteers try to get to these as quickly as possible, but sometimes other issues take priority. We ask patience in these cases; if our reviewer needs more information, you may hear from them. See for more info.
  2. Your selected point may not have used an established hotspot and may be blocked by another pin. To check this, we recommend making a map and using hybrid or satellite views, which allow you to zoom in farther. Look around the edges for your pin, which may be only barely peeking out from behind other pins. Hotspot pins always sit on top, and we recommend using them when possible. See for more info.
  3. Your record was submitted at a scale inappropriate for eBird. Submissions from an entire state cannot be shown on maps since they would misrepresent the true range of birds (for example, coastal species might be shown inland if plotted at the center of a state).
  4. Rarely, your record was reviewed and considered "not public" data by our eBird reviewer. Usually they would have corresponded with you about this, but in some cases that may not have happened.

In order to diagnose which is occurring, we would need you to send an actual checklist link to us. This can be found by opening the list with your missing record and copying the URL from your browser (i.e., the web address in he top window beginning with "". When you copy that you should be able to paste it into an email. Be sure to mention which species in each checklist seems to be missing.
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