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Breeding Code Reinterpretation

When perusing breeding codes in eBird, you may occasionally notice that there is a (?) next to the breeding code that has been reported. This is a reinterpreted breeding code. This means that the behavior that has been reported through the breeding code does not necessarily have the normal meaning in this observation scenario. Does that sound a bit confusing? Here are a couple examples:

Example 1
You're out birding on a nice May day somewhere south of the boreal forest, and you've got a Cape May Warbler singing from a spruce tree. Life is good. Technically, the bird may be "S Singing Male (Possible)", but in reality it's just a migrant at this location. So the behavior of singing is correct, but the interpretation is not that it's a "Possible" breeder. In eBird, this would then be reinterpreted as "S Singing Male (Observed)", since the interpretation of the singing behavior is only that the bird was "Observed" at the location.

Example 2
It's a nice day in late July and you're going to check the local shorebird spot. Lucky for you, there's some great sandbar habitat, and in addition to the 8 species of shorebirds there's also a nice group of Caspian Terns. And, wait, is that a juvenile being fed by an adult! Awesome! "FY Feeding Young (Confirmed)"! However, it turns out that terns will often feed young many miles from the actual nesting site. So although the behavior was "FY Feeding Young", the interpretation is not that it is confirmed breeding—depending on the specific scenario it could be re-interpreted as a "Possible" breeder: FY Feeding Young (Possible).

With each reinterpretation you'll see the Reason that it was re-interpreted, and also the Details of why. Check out the example to the right to see what this looks like. If you have a question about the reinterpretation, please contact your local eBird reviewer or Atlas coordinator. This functionality is currently only limited to dedicated eBird Breeding Bird Atlases.
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