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Setting Common Names in eBird Mobile

Just like in eBird, Common Name preferences can be set in eBird Mobile. The common names of birds can be displayed in a few dozen different regional versions that more closely match the names used in different parts of the world. As always, be careful to make sure that the species you enter is the correct one. The full list of Common Name Translations is available, and you can also set your names to be displayed as Scientific Names (matching the eBird/Clements taxonomy) as well.

Below are instructions, but if you have any problems setting the common name preferences that you want, make sure to read the "NOTE" at the bottom of the page which explains how to fix a known bug.

Within eBird Mobile these names can be set by clicking Settings at the bottom right of the Home Screen (the small gear symbol in the left image of the Home screen below). After hitting this symbol, you get the Settings screen where you can update your account, show either common or scientific names, set your common name language, and also set the units as miles or kilometers. To change the common name, just click the box with the current common name language ("Portuguese (Brasil)" in the image below). You will get a drop down with all the options from the common name language list in eBird. Simply select it, make sure a checkmark appears next to your selection, return to the home screen and give the app some time to install the new set of names. A spinning wheel will say "Loading species" and once it finishes, your bird names should be displayed correctly.


NOTE: If setting the common name preferences does not work on your first try, it may be necessary to set the name to "English (United States)" and return to the home screen. You will need a data connection or wifi connection for this to work. If you are connected, once you return to the home screen you will need to wait for the "Loading Species" wheel to stop spinning (this should only take a minute or two). Once that is complete, return to Settings and set the language to your preferred alternative language. Again, you will need to return to the home screen and let the wheel spin. We are sorry that this sometimes takes two tries to work, and we plan to fix this in future versions.
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