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eBird Mobile Quick Entry

One of the greatest advantages to using eBird Mobile is the speed and ease with which you can enter your sightings. When you first begin your checklist, you'll see the beginning of the species list, as well as a small search bar above that, with the text "# species name/code", as depicted here to the right. Although the screenshots here are from iOS, the same functionality is available in Android.

This little search bar is actually one of the most powerful parts of the eBird Mobile app, and is the key to making data entry into a breeze. Enter the number of a species that you saw, and then begin typing the species name or four-letter code (iOS note: When you click in the search box, the default keyboard that appears is numeric. This might be confusing at first, but is working as expected). As you type, the checklist will shrink to names that match your text so far. Once you see the species you want, just tap on the name, and it will add a number of individuals to that species equal to the number you had typed in the search bar.

For example, you see a Red-tailed Hawk flying overhead while out eBirding. You type "1 red-ta", and by that point, or even sooner, the only species that will appear on the list will be your hawk. Similarly, you could type "1 rtha", and get the same result. When you see the species name, appear below the search bar, tap on it, and it will add 1 Red-tailed Hawk to that total. If 5 minutes later you see 3 more Red-tailed Hawks soaring overhead (this is a good day!), then you can type "3 rtha", and when you tap on the name "Red-tailed Hawk", the total will be updated to 4. 

This quick entry system lets you enter lots of species and lots of numbers, with relatively little effort and great speed. The more you use the quick entry bar, the easier your eBirding will be. 

***In addition to the quick entry bar, there is one other great way to add species – by tapping just to the left of the species name. Each tap will add one individual to the total for that species.***

If you accidentally enter a species or enter a count that is too high, it is easy to fix. To adjust the count, you can subtract as easily as you can add using quick entry. If you have 5 Northern Cardinals, you can reduce the count to 3 Northern Cardinals by just typing "-2 noca" in the quick entry. You can also use "-1" and a species code to automatically enter an "X" in the count field for a species...but we hope that you'll avoid the use of X!

To remove a species entirely, the checklist view (All, Likely, or Checked) lets you easily remove a species by left-swiping in iOS, or long-pressing in Android. See more on that at our story for Deleting a species or count in eBird Mobile story.
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