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Account Settings

This section is where you can change your contact info and email address, adjust your privacy and display settings, and manage your contacts for sharing checklists. Anything to do with privacy or personal details is accessed here, in the lower right corner of your My eBird.

Edit my profile
The first page in your Account Settings is "Edit my profile", where you fill out your personal information, which includes your name, contact information (email address, phone number), and your physical address. If you ever want to change the email address that is linked with your eBird account – this is the place.

My eBird Preferences
The second page in Account Settings has primarily to do with personal privacy settings and language preferences. The first field is Public Name Display, which allows you to decide how the public sees your name: either as the name associated with your account, or as "Anonymous eBirder" to hide your identity. If you choose Anonymous eBirder, you will automatically be opted out of the Top 100 – we require a name to be attached to any account showing up in the Top 100.

The next, Data Privacy, is the main hub of personal privacy settings. Here you are able to hide your data from showing in various public outputs of eBird data. You can opt out of showing your data in the Recent Visits section of the Explore a Region page; having your sightings appear in eBird Alerts; and having your name and lists appear in the Top 100. The last item in this section has to do with your checklist comments. Your checklist comments are different than species comments that are associated with an individual species observation – these are associated with the checklist as a whole. Checklist comments are entered in Step 2 (date/effort) of data entry. Species comments apply only to the species and are always public.

Species Name Display gives you the option to choose the language that your bird species names are shown in, along with the option to show only Latin names, or both. There are currently 12 options for common name languages, along with many regional versions that allow for differences in the local names for birds worldwide. We would love to expand the number of languages that we offer this service in – and if you or anybody you know might like to help, please let us know! 

The final options here have to do with receiving emails – Checklist Sharing Notifications and eBird Updates eNewsletter. The checklist notification field consists of a simple checkbox, choosing whether or not you would like to receive an email whenever anybody shares a checklist with you. The eNewsletter field is where you can subscribe or unsubscribe to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology eBird eNewsletter. We would highly recommend that you subscribe to this, as it is our primary method of informing you about new and important eBird updates as they happen. 

Manage My Contacts
The final page in Account Settings and of My eBird is Manage My Contacts. This is where you can add, edit, rename, and delete other eBird users from your "contact list" that is used to share checklists. At the top of the page there is a field that lets you add a contact to your list by entering a username or email address. This new contact will be listed in your All Contacts list by default. However, you may notice that there is another section of the page above your All Contacts list – Friends.

Your eBird Friends are generally people that you know well, go eBirding with often, and tend to share lists with frequently. If anybody that you have designated as a friend shares a list with you, it will automatically be added to your account. If they are not listed as a friend, you have to go in manually and accept each checklist as it is shared with you. Because of this, it is great to have people listed as Friends so that you don't have to click each checklist as it is shared. It is important to note that you must have their username to be "Friends", that an email address will not work for this purpose. 

Your All Contacts list includes both your Friends and everyone else that you've ever shared a checklist with. If you have shared a checklist with their username, then the option to add them as a Friend shows up in the form of a checkbox. If you only have their email address, then, as you can see here, you cannot add them as a Friend. The Username column cannot be edited in your Contacts, but the Alias can. As you can see in this example, I have used *'s to draw certain accounts to the top. You can use this Alias field to give the contact whatever name you want, and it will only be shown that way in your account. To edit the Alias field, just click on the text that is the current Alias, and you will be able to freely edit. As you can see on the right end of each row, there is a large red Delete key – if you hit that, it will remove the contact from your list. 

For more on My eBird, check out the All About: My eBird article.
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