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Manage My Locations

An exceedingly important page, this is where you control the setting for every location from which you've ever submitted a checklist. Once you've submitted an eBird checklist for a location, it'll get shown in this list until removed, even if you delete the associated checklist. It is accessed from the right side of your My eBird page. Shown at the top of the page are your total number of locations and total number of checklists, as well as a search box for your checklists, and a dropdown menu in the upper right that serves several purposes. Most of the columns are self-explanatory, with Location being the name of the checklist, and Country, State/Province, and County automatically generated based on where you plot the location. "In My Locs?" is the first column that is affected by the dropdown menu in the upper right. In the image shown above, the menu has the option "Show in My Locations" selected. This is the default for any location that you plot, but can be changed. If you click the menu, you will see the other two options, shown here to the right: Hide in My Locations, and Suggest As Hotspots. If you select any of locations (select by clicking the checkbox to the left of the location name), and select Hide in My Locations, these locations will disappear from the "Choose from Your Locations" menu in the Submit Observations section of eBird – the menu shown here to the right. This allows you to "clean up" the list of locations here if you want, while still keeping your overall list of locations complete in Manage My Locations. Once you have selected Hide in My Locations, the value in the "In My Locs?" will change to No. Type is next, and this is one of the most important fields here, identifying the type of location – P for Personal Location, and S for Shared Location. Now we have the last two fields – number of checklists, and the Edit option. The number of checklists is just as it sounds – the raw number of checklists you've submitted from that location. The Edit option is what lets you rename, move, or merge your locations, which is covered below.

Edit Your Locations
The primary reason for coming to this page is to rename, move, or merge your locations. How much of this you're able to do with any given location depends on what type of location it is. As mentioned above, we have two eBird location categories, listed under the "Type" column. The first is P, a Personal Location (these can be renamed, moved, or merged), and the second is S, a Shared Location (these can be renamed, but cannot be moved or merged). There is one exception to the rename/move/merge rules above. Most Shared locations are hotspots (which means that eBird hotspot editors can move or merge the location), but some are Personal Locations that you have shared with other users on a shared checklist. In these cases, you can move or merge these. You can rename, move, or merge a location by hitting the "Edit" link at the right edge of any location row. 

Rename Your Location

This is something that is doable by anyone for any location – and it does not change the official name of the location, merely how it shows up in your My Locations list (NOTE: If you are a hotspot reviewer, changing the name of a location in Manage My Locations in your hotspot review region will officially change it – do not do this by mistake!). For Rajaji NP, a shared hotspot, the only option given is to Rename the location. You can tell that this is an official hotspot by the red coloration of the marker next to the name. 

Move Your Location

The second location edit you can do, moving your location can only be performed on personal locations. The large blue placemark to the left of this location name shows that this is a personal location, and therefore I am able to rename, move, or merge it if I want. By selecting the second radio button "Move", I get this prompt with the current coordinates, and a google map shown below the text that lets me re-plot the location as I choose. Once I hit the rectangular Move button (bottom right corner of the image above), the new location will take effect.

Merge Your Location

The final option, this is also the most helpful for data quality. For example, many rare birds or popular birding locations have many personal locations scattered over a small area, often with one hotspot nearby. If all of these personal locations were merged with the hotspot, it would be a far better summary of the birds in the area. It is good to keep in mind that when you are merging a location, you are combining two locations in a way that cannot be undone. If you have personal locations that are redundant to public hotspots, then we recommend that you merge these as much as possible, but just know that you can't undo this action. This action lets you merge a personal location with a nearby location, either shared or personal. The best use of this is to merge with public hotspots, as stated above. After selecting the Merge option in the Edit Location interface, other nearby locations will appear on the google map. Clicking on another location will select it, and then choosing "Merge" will add your checklist(s) to the other location. 

Suggest a location as Hotspot

You may have noticed that under each of the personal location names in the Edit Location menu there is also the option to suggest as hotspot, one of two ways to do this. The other way is accessed from the main Manage My Locations interface, in the dropdown menu in the upper right. Select one or more locations using the checkboxes to the left of the location name, choose Suggest As Hotspots from the dropdown menu, hit Submit, and you're good to go!

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