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Subscribe/Unsubscribe from eBird

Occasionally people ask how to stop receiving emails from eBird, or how to sign up for emails. It is important to note that eBird itself is not a subscription service, and everything that we do is %100 FREE TO USE. If you are currently paying regularly for something eBird-related, that is not a fee that we are charging, and you are paying someone else. If you are receiving emails from us, there are two reasons that this could be happening, and both are detailed below. If neither of these solutions help, then please email us

Subscribing and Unsubscribing to the Newsletter

The only regular non-Alert email contact that eBird has with it's users is the eBird News, which is our periodical newsletter, covering a range of eBird-related news and interesting articles. This can be unsubscribed from by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email, an image of which can be seen to the right here. 

The newsletter can be subscribed to by entering your email address in the field provided in this box (below) that is at the bottom of some pages in eBird (e.g. the bottom of the page that this article is on)

Subscribing and Unsubscribing to Alerts

The most frequent subscription questin by users is "How do I unsubscribe from alerts?" I'll cover that here as well as how to subscribe to alerts – which I see being just as important!  First off, the way to deal with anything alert-related is to go to the Alerts page. This page can also be accessed from the bottom of any Alert email that you receive, where it says "Manage your eBird alert subscriptions:" The top image to the right shows what your Alerts page will looks like if you are not subscribed to any Alerts, where the bottom one is a user with three Alert subscriptions. If your Alerts page looks like the top one, with the large yellow arrow, then there is no reason that you should be receiving Alert emails from that account – and the most likely explanation is that you have multiple accounts signed up for Alerts. Check any previous accounts that you're aware of, and if you still can't get to the root of the problem, email us. To unsubscribe from an Alert that you are signed up for, just hit the Unsubscribe button that is clearly shown in the above image.

When you search for any Alert, you have the option to subscribe at that moment, by hitting "Subscribe" instead of "View." If you choose to subscribe at this point, you will be subscribed to daily emails for the Alert you chose. If you View instead, then you are shown the list of birds currently in that Alert, and offered the chance to subscribe again, by clicking the large green "Subscribe to this alert" button. This will open the dialogue box shown to the right here, and you can choose the frequency of the alert. Once you've subscribed, just kick back and let the bird sightings roll in!
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