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How do I change the location of a checklist?

We all make occasional mistakes on data entry, so eBird makes it easy to change the location, date, count details, or species on any checklist. If you need to edit a location, change a location, or merge a location with an existing hotspot, please read the below article.


If you visit My eBird, the Manage My Checklists page has a sequential list of all your checklists. Click "view or edit" to edit the list.

Another way to find a list is by opening your life list, state list, county list, or year list from the My eBird page. Click on the date to open the list from any of the My eBird lists. 

Anytime you have the checklist link (as in the eBird review email), you can click that directly to open the checklist. The checklist link is found in your browser window and can be copied and pasted. Here is an example of a checklist link:


If you have misplotted a single checklist, it is easy to correct. Note that this simply moves the checklist to a new location.
  1. Open the checklist
  2. At upper right, next to location name, click "edit location"
  3. Choose "nearby location on map" at top. If you plotted it in the wrong state, you should pick "find it on a map".
  4. If needed, type a town near the location in the "Zoom to" bar on top of the map. This quickly zooms the map on the right area.
  5. Check for red balloons (representing established birding locations) on the map. Check locations near the location you went birding -- chances are good that there is already a balloon for that location. Click on the balloons to select locations and see the names.
  6. Once you see the correct name, you have selected that location. 
  7. Click continue and double-check to make sure the location, county, and state are correct.
You have now updated to the correct location.


You have a list of all locations accessible from your My eBird screen. This is the Manage My Locations page.

This list contains every location where you have ever reported birds to eBird. Those listed "S" are shared locations, and are either hotspots or locations that other birders "own" and have shared with you using the Checklist Sharing feature. You can change the names on these locations, but cannot merge or move them. If a hotspot needs to be corrected, please let us know (the hotspots will show up on the data entry map as red stickpins). If a shared location from a shared checklist needs editing (these will be blue stickpins on the data entry map), you will need to contact your friend who shared the checklist with you.

Any location marked "P" is a personal location and you can edit it as needed. Click "edit" and you can rename it or move it. If you wish to merge the entire location with another, you can click merge and then select a new location. This should be done if you have a location that exactly matches a hotspot (i.e., your "Anhinga Trail" location should be merged with "Everglades National Park--Anhinga Trail"). This allows us to summarize all data more easily and keeps the point maps clean. If you have two personal locations that are duplicates, these too can be merged.

Any location without data can be deleted if you wish.


Many people like to keep a short "My Locations" list for quick data entry from the Submit Data screen. On the Manage My Locations screen you can mark locations as "shown" or "hidden". 

An easier way to manage this list, however, is to just use type and find in the My Locations list to quickly find your locations in a long list. Even with tens of thousands of locations, if you know the name you can probably find it easily. If you are at all unsure, we encourage you to use "find it on a map", since location specificity is so important to eBird.

Another trick to this list is to put an asterisk (or two asterisks) at the front of locations you bird frequently. This will always keep them on top of the list. Just "rename" them by editing the name in this list.
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