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Can I download a copy of my data?

Birders have asked for eBird functionality that allows one to back up their data on home computers.  We have built a tool for this, and are pleased to announce its release. We've recently added the ability for users to retrieve a file containing all the data they've ever entered into eBird in spreadsheet format, which can be easily read using Microsoft Excel, manipulated and analyzed using tools outside eBird, and saved and stored on your home computers.  This new tool gives users the ability to analyze their own raw data and to look at patterns in their own observations beyond what the eBird View and Explore data tools now provide.  The idea is to make eBird as versatile as possible, and give you the raw data in order to allow you to perform your own data exploration!

How does it work?

In order to handle the large volume of data requested daily from our users, we have designed an interface that allows you to request data without putting undue stress on our servers.  This process allows us to run your queries as they are ordered in a data-processing queue. Users are then notified when the results of their queries are available via email. You can then retrieve the results of your query by clicking the link in the email you receive. Tip: make sure your email address is up to date before submitting your query!  Check this by looking above your life list on the "My eBird" page.  Click the "edit" link to update your email address.

The file will come as a 'Zip' file so that large amounts of data can be compressed and sent via the Internet.  You should be able to open these files using prepackaged software installed on your computer.  If you don't have the software it is available here. Once the folder is opened simply double-click on the file to see your data.  Use Microsoft Excel or some other software program to work with your data and save it on your home computer.
To use the new "Download my data" option click on the "My eBird" tab and then click the "Download my data" link on the lower right. 

Saving your data

Once you have the data open in Excel or some other desktop software choose the "Save as" option from the "File" menu and then save the document in a place of your choice.  You can intermittently request you data from eBird and keep your back-up copy on your home computer, updating these records as often as you like.
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