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Promoting eBird at your local bird club

As eBird Project Leaders, we would like nothing more than to be able to visit each corner of the Western Hemisphere to provide a 'hands-on' eBird experience for local groups (and to do some birding!). We've found that one-on-one contact with potential users, as well as through giving eBird presentations to target audiences, can really help eBird become established locally. But the reality is that there are many more local birding organizations than we could ever hope to visit in person. To remedy this we've done two things: the first is making two eBird powerpoints available to our users so that they can help spread the eBird word at the local level. The second is opening up an online eBird presentation forum, whereby we can give virtual eBird presentations to groups via the Internet.

One-on-one tutorials

There's nothing more effective than giving an individual whom you think might enjoy eBird an excellent first-hand experience. The first step is to take them in the field birding (the fun part!), and show them how to record their observations in ways that are beneficial to both eBird and their personal record-keeping. Then, sit down with them behind a computer, help them log-in to eBird for the first time, and show them how easy it is to enter a checklist. Once the checklist is submitted (don't forget to show them how to share it with you!), take them to the My eBird page. Make sure to explain how through entering more data, the lists shown here build up over time, providing one with a complete record of their birding experiences. Be patient, answer all questions and refer them to the articles here for more information about how to be a better eBirder.


We have made two eBird powerpoints available for download here. The first powerpoint is a general eBird overview that talks about the concept of the project, shows the data entry process and a bit about data output. The second powerpoint is an overview of how to be a better eBirder, which incorporates many of the topics that we've posted about on the home page.

The idea is for faithful eBird users to take these powerpoints and present them at local bird clubs, look at them with friends etc. We wanted to make these materials available so people wishing to promote eBird would have a good starting point from which to do so. These presentations can be tailored to local interests and modified as the presenter sees fit, but the basic nuts and bolts of two solid eBird presentations offer a solid presentation foundation.

Online eBird Presentations

We love to give eBird presentations in person, but the next best thing might be doing it via an online tool that allows a group of people to attend an eBird talk. We can accomplish this in two ways: the first is to schedule a specific eBird presentation for a local group, which you can arrange by contacting us at (
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