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How do I use the "Jump to Species" box?

As eBird goes global, using the "Jump to Species" box for faster data entry will become more important. In many parts of the world we have rudimentary checklists in place, unlike the refined ones that exist across most of North America. These basic checklists will have many species, in some cases more than 1,000! In these cases it's a lot easier to run through your species list using the "Jump to Species" box on the checklist page. A list of 50 birds can be entered in just a few minutes! The "Jump to species" box is also handy if you write field notes and your species lists are not in alphabetical or taxonomic order. By using this feature you can enter a list of birds without having to click the mouse more than once! Learn how by reading more.

Using the "Jump to Species" Box

The "Jump to Species" box, found on the upper right of every eBird checklist page, allows you to type the name of a bird into the window, and it then automatically searches for a match on the checklist page. It pulls up a list of species as you type. The more you type, the shorter the list of possible matches. Below is the result when one types in "American C" when entering data in Monterey, California.


To select from the available matches just use your 'down arrow' key to pick the species, and then hit 'return'. The cursor will automatically appear in the species box you've selected, and it will be highlighted in green. Just enter the number of birds observed for that species. Important time saver: Then hit the 'J' key on your keyboard and the cursor jumps automatically back to the "Jump to Species" box so that you can search for the next species on your list.

Repeat this process for each species on your checklist. The "Jump to Species" option allows you to quickly get through a disorganized list of birds made in the field, and to easily find the bird you're looking for on a lengthy eBird checklist page.

Advanced Time Saver!

The "Jump to Species" box essentially matches text. So, in some cases you might have three species that all share the word "California" in their common names on the same checklist (e.g., California Gull, California Thrasher, and California Towhee). To avoid having to type out the entire word "California", try typing just the last letter "a", a space, and then the next word (e.g., Thrasher). When you type in "a thr" the "Jump to Species" tool will find "California Thrasher" as shown below.


Review Your Checklist!

It's always a good idea to review your checklist before submitting for two primary reasons: to ensure the data went in accurately; and to make sure you didn't leave off any common birds!

Go forth, enter data more speedily!
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