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Data Privacy

eBird revolves around sharing data with science, conservation, and other birders. But since the data are displayed on maps in real time, we provide options to adjust your privacy settings as you prefer. Below are suggestions for common questions about how to customize privacy in eBird. ​Your privacy settings can be customized at My eBird Preferences, providing you are logged in under your account. Below is a summary of the privacy settings that are available.

How do I prevent my name from appearing with my observations? For eBird data quality and other official correspondence, we strongly encourage you to use your real name in eBird. However, if you do not wish for your name to appear on public eBird output (e.g., point maps, the Location Explorer, high counts), you can set your name to appear as "Anonymous eBirder". This is the first option at the My eBird Preferences page.

How do I customize what eBird reports I participate in? eBird thrives on the open contribution of bird information by the eBird community and these data are used by science and conservation. However, there are several reports that are community tools and that are optional. At My eBird Preferences you can choose to opt out of any of the following: How do I make my checklist comments private? At My eBird Preferencesyou can choose to display or hide your Checklist Comments. Many birders use this section to provide notes on how they went birding, what the weather was, and other details relevant for the entire checklist. Note that these are distinct from Species Comments.

How do I change the name of my house so that others won't know the address? Go to "My eBird" and then click "Manage My Locations". Click the "Edit" link next to the location whose name you wish to change.On the resulting page simply type the new name (e.g., My Backyard – Ithaca) and then click "Rename". These changes may take 24 hours to propagate to all eBird output tools.

How do I conceal an observation or location from the public? eBird offers the ability to "hide" a checklist from the public, which effectively removes the data from all eBird output. You can accomplish this by doing the following. After entering the data go to "My eBird" and then click on "Manage My Checklists". Click the "View or edit" link next to the checklist you wish to hide. On the resulting page click "hide" at the bottom right. Be aware that by doing this you are essentially invalidating the record in the database, which will subsequently hide the data for this checklist at this location from all eBird output tools. If, after a period of time you wish to expose the record simply repeat the process above but click "unhide" on the lower right. This will make the record public along with the location. These changes will be reflected immediately on the eBird Google Maps tool.
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