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What is My eBird?

My eBird is where you can personalize your eBird experience. You can view lists of your observations generated automatically by eBird including your life list, major geographic regions, and even your various state and county lists.

The My eBird page can be viewed not only as a resource for exploring your own eBird data, but also as a tool for managing your eBird data and preferences. It lets you manage all your observations, locations, and user profile, as well as your general eBird preferences (e.g., in what language you would like species' common names to appear). The most important features of the My eBird page are as follows:

  • Lists--As you enter data into eBird, the application automatically begins to build lists of birds based on the location information you provide.  If you plot your home on the map, eBird automatically knows what state and county it is in, and then uses the data you enter to create lists for those various regions.  As you enter more data your lists are automatically updated.
  • Observations--Observations come into eBird through checklists.  Using the "Manage my Checklists" tool found under my eBird you can edit, delete and manage all the data you've entered into eBird.  It is not uncommon to forget a species during the data entry process, or to make a mistake.  These tools allow you to go in and correct errors, append and share checklists, and more.
  • Locations--In the process of entering data into eBird you will create many locations. These locations can be managed using the "Manage my locations" option found on the "My eBird" page.  Here you can rename, move or merge locations.  You can even delete a location, as long as you don't have any checklists associated with it.
  • Profile--This is your personal information, and what we use to show your name in association with your birding records.  You can provide as little or as much information here as you like, all that we require is a valid email address so that data quality editors can contact you in the case of a rare or unusual sighting to verify the record.  In your profile you can also change your password.
  • Preferences--These tools allow you to personalize the way information is presented to you through eBird.  You can choose to show or hide scientific names, what language preferences you'd like, and let eBird know what kind of Internet connection you're using to facilitate the display of information through the output tools. This is the way to manage your privacy settings in eBird – whether you want to display lists on the Top100, checklist comments, etc.
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