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Common Name Translations in eBird

The eBird taxonomy is based on the Clements taxonomy, which defines the species and scientific names. The Primary Common Name (default Common Names) in eBird match the Common Names in the eBird/Clements Checklist and appear under eBird Preferences as "English (United States)". But eBird has 8 other versions of English names as well as bird names in many other languages as well. The eBird story on eBird Preferences explains how to customize the names. Common Names can change from time to time, especially when splits occur, so please be careful to make sure you understand the population to which a given name refers. To find the right name, be sure to check the Scientific Name as well by reviewing the eBird taxonomy story, where you can also download the entire taxonomy. But beware, scientific names are not unique to a given species or population and they change almost as much as Common Names! 

Please note that Species Common Names need to be set in Preferences separately from the language of the website, which is set at the top right of any page.

If you are using eBird Mobile for iOS, you can easily set you common name preferences as well. Note however that these do not carry-over from your My eBird Preferences and need to be set separately on your phone. See our story on Setting your Common Name Preferences in eBird Mobile.

Below is a listing of the Common Name translations that we maintain. The short code in parentheses after the name refers to the column for the name in the eBird taxonomy file. The last update to this list and these names occurred on 15 Aug 2017. There are currently 28 languages supported, as well as 24 additional regional versions of some languages, for a total of 52 regional sets of bird names that are available. These are listed below:

Bulgarian (bg) -- Limited to the species recorded in Bulgaria. Thanks to Simeon Gigov for providing these names.

Chinese (zh) -- Currently includes only species recorded in Taiwan in Mandarin (or Traditional Chinese). Matches prevailing usage for the area. Thanks to Scott Lin for providing these names and updates to them.

Chinese (Simple) (zh_SIM) -- Includes species recorded in China. Thanks to 
Yuetao Zhong and Tong Mu for providing these names. The IOC names are used for species that do not occur in China.

Croatian (hr) -- Includes all species and non-species taxa recorded in Croatia. Thanks to Josip Turkalj for these translations.

Czech (cz) -- Includes all species recorded in the Czech Republic. Thanks to Vik
Mrňous for these names.

Danish (da) -- Includes all species and non-species taxa recorded in Denmark. Thanks to Nikolaj Thomsen for these translations.

Dutch (nl) -- Includes all species and non-species taxa for the entire World (!). Thanks to 
Boris Everwijn for providing this amazing global set of names.

German (de) -- Includes all species and non-species taxa recorded in Germany. Thanks to Heiko Heerklotz, who provided these names in accord with the listing on Wikipedia. Thanks also to Wes Hochachka for some revisions to this list.

English (Australia) (en_AU) -- For species recorded in Australia only and differs from eBird/Clements in only limited cases. Our Eremaea eBird review and partner network provide Australian names, largely in accord with Christidis and Boles' 2008 Systematics and Taxonomy of Australian Birds. Thanks in particular to Mat Gilfedder to providing the names and updates.
English (India) (en_IN) -- For species recorded in India only and differs from eBird/Clements in only limited cases. This list is maintained by our editor team in India (special thanks to Suhel Quader, Raman Kumar, and Praveen J), and matches the names in most common usage in India.

English (IOC) (en_IOC) -- The International Ornithologists' Committee (IOC) maintains a list of bird names and unique taxonomy, similar to eBird baseline Clements checklist. This name set is current for IOC v5.3 and eBird v2015. We provide a full set of translated names to match IOC, but note that this is a beta version for testing. This is the one case in eBird where an alternative taxonomy is supported. Note that the bird names are adjusted so that species in eBird are do not show species common names for the IOC, but rather names that match subspecies groups. The more common instance is a split for IOC that is not shown in eBird. All differences between IOC and eBird are documented at Avibase. For example, one can see that IOC splits Green-winged Teal (Anas carolinensis) from Eurasian Teal (Anas crecca), while eBird lumps them as a single species; when the IOC names are selected in eBird, the eBird version of Green-winged Teal (Anas crecca) will appear as Eurasian/Green-winged Teal, to represent the split. Special thanks to Denis Lepage (who manages the Avibase site) for his role in making this taxonomic matchup possible between the two taxonomies. 

English (Kenya) (en_KE) -- Follows 2009 Checklist of the Birds of Kenya (Fourth Edition) (© Bird Committee, Nature Kenya—the East Africa Natural History Society, September 2009) but with some taxonomic differences. The following species are split by Checklist of the Birds of Kenya and reflect the common name used therein, but the scientific name indicates that it is treated as the lumped species in totals: Little and Dimorphic Egret, Barbary and Peregrine Falcons, Coastal and Winding Cisticola, Usambara and Eastern Double-collared Sunbirds. In addition, these species are split by eBird and should be reported as the split form: Common and Somali Ostriches, Blue and Green Yellowbill, Northern and Tanzania Red-billed Hornbill, African and Mountain Grey Woodpeckers, Tropical, Ethiopian, and Zanzibar Boubous, Red-tailed and Isabelle Shrike, African and Western Citril, Kenya Rufous Sparrow and Shelley’s Rufous Sparrow, and Grey-headed Sparrow is split into three species in Kenya: Northern Grey-headed, Parrot-billed Sparrow, and Swahili Sparrow. In addition, a few modifications are made to clarify splits adopted by eBird. Thus, the eBird names for English (Kenya) further differ from Checklist of the Birds of Kenya by showing Tropical Shearwater instead of Audubon’s Shearwater, African Swamphen instead of Purple Swamphen, and Western Yellow Wagtail instead of Yellow Wagtail. eBird splits Emberiza sahari from Emberiza striolata, with the latter occurring in Kenya; here we use the name House Bunting for striolata and Western House Bunting for E. sahari. The name Olive Thrush is used here (instead of Abyssinian Thrush) for the Kenya species, which has the new scientific name of Turdus abyssinicus since eBird observes the seven-way split for the bird formerly known widely as Olive Thrush; the species Turdus olivaceus is renamed South African Olive Thrush to avoid confusion.

English (Malaysia) (en_MY) -- This listing uses the same name set that we use in eBird with one minor difference that all names using the American spelling "Gray" instead use the spelling "Grey". This includes Greylag and Greytail.
English (New Zealand) (en_NZ) -- For species recorded in New Zealand only. Our New Zealand review team provides these names which match prevailing usage in New Zealand. Special thanks to Paul Scofield for providing these names and keeping them updated.

English (Philippines) (en_PH) -- In 2015, The Wild Bird Club of the Philippines (WBCP) officially endorsed eBird for its membership. This set of names follows the IOC names with a few exceptions that are maintained by the WBCP. Thanks especially to Christian Perez for his help with these names.

English (South Africa) (en_ZA) -- Includes southern African species, especially those of South Africa, with names in common usage that are different from those used by eBird/Clements. Thanks to Ethan Kistler for help compiling these names.

English (United Arab Emirates) (en_AE) - For Middle Eastern species only. This list is maintained by our United Arab Emirates reviewer, Tommy Pedersen, and matched names used by the Ornithological Society of the Middle East.  It is intended to be used for other Middle Eastern countries as well.

English (United Kingdom) (en_UK) -- This list is maintained by our United Kingdom review team and mostly matches names used by the British Ornithological Union, as well as the BTO (British Trust for Ornithology). Many thanks to Stuart Fisher for the updates to these names.

Finnish (fi) -- Erkki Pöytäniemi provided this translation for the names prevailing usage in Finland.

French (fr) -- All birds in the world. Denis Lepage, who runs the Avibase website (which itself maintains multiple taxonomies and common name translations), provides these for the entire world with each taxonomic update. Many thanks to Denis for help with this and many other things related to our taxonomic updates.

French (AOU) -- This name set can be used to change the above global French option for the limited set of taxa that have different official French Names on the AOU Check-list as of its most recent supplement. Thanks to Denis Lepage for maintaining this as well.

French (Guadeloupe) (fr_GP) -- Limited to species recorded in Guadeloupe that have different names than the French (AOU) options. Users that opt for this will see names in Guadeloupe French first, AOU French second, and French third. Thanks to Anthony Levesque for maintaining these names.

French (Haiti) (fr_HT) -- Limited to species recorded in Haiti. Local French names. 
Haitian or Creole, Haiti (Haiti) (HT_HT) -- Limited to species recorded in Haiti. Local Haitian names.

Hebrew (iw) -- Limited to species and non-species taxa recorded in Israel. Thanks to Yoav Perlman and SPNI for providing these names.

Hungarian (hu) -- Limited to the species recorded from Hungary. Thanks to Katherine Collin and Miklos Csuros for providing these names.

Indonesian (id) -- Limited to species recorded in Indonesia. These names were provided by Mat Gilfedder.

Icelandic (is_IS) -- Covering almost half the species in the world. Many thanks to Yann Kolbeinsson for the updates to these names.

Japanese (ja) -- Complete global translation to Japanese. Thanks to Denis Lepage and Carlos Ross for providing these names.

Latvian (lv) -- Limited to species recorded in Latvia. Thanks to Pēteris Daknis for his help compiling these names.

Malayalam (ml) -- This name set uses English (India) as its second lookup language. Thanks to our eBird India team and especially Praveen J for providing and maintaining this name set. 

Norwegian (no) -- Limited to species and non-species taxa recorded in Norway. Thanks to Harald Steensland for compiling these names.

Polish (pl) -- Limited to species recorded in Poland. Thanks to Tomasz Tańczuk for providing these names.

Portuguese (Brasil) (pt_BR) -- Limited to species recorded in Brasil. This list follows the species recognized by the CBRO, the official committee for taxonomy and nomenclature in Brasil. This version of the names matched the CBRO 2015 taxonomy and eBird v2015. Thanks to our eBird Brasil team, and especially Vitor Piacentini, Alex Lees, and Carlos Gussoni, for assistance with these updates. Since the Clements Checklist largely follows SACC, these names do not match in all cases. When this setting is selected, the Portugal names will show for species that do not have a Brasil name, and will appear in lower-case (matched CBRO style).

Portuguese (Portugal) (pt_PT) -- Includes all species reported in Portugal and many other species from the Western Palearctic. These names are provided by Pedro Fernandes and match prevailing usage. For South American species that have a Brasilian name, that name appears in Brasilian Portuguese using the CBRO name, but appears in upper case matching the conventions of species names in Portuguese for Portugal.

Russian (ru) -- Includes all species reported in Russia and Ukraine. Some species that are split are not translated at the species level for eBird yet. Thanks to Sergey Glebov, Iurii Strus, and Andrey Vlasenko for these names.

Serbian (sr) -- Limited to species recorded in Serbia. Thanks to Zheljko Stanimirovic for providing these names.

Spanish (es) -- This category uses some of the widespread Spanish names. In general, we recommend selecting one of the regionally-specific options below, which are more current. There is no official worldwide list of Spanish bird names, so instead, each country has its own set of preferred names. Users that select one of the below options will see our Spanish name set as the second option.

Spanish (Argentina) (es_AR) -- Limited to species recorded in Argentina. Local Argentine Spanish names. Thanks to our eBird Argentina team, with special thanks to Nacho Areta and Fabricio Gorleri, for help with these names.

Spanish (Chile) (es_CL) -- Limited to species recorded in Chile. Local Chilean Spanish names. Thanks to our Chile eBird team, with special thanks to Fabrice Schmitt and Fernando Medrano, for coordinating this list of names

Spanish (Cuba) (es_CU) -- Limited to species recorded in Cuba. Local Cuban Spanish names.

Spanish (Dominican Republic) (es_DO) -- Limited to species recorded in the Dominican Republic. Local Dominican Spanish names.

Spanish (Spain) (es_ES) -- Global list of Spanish names provided courtesy of our team for eBird España, with special thanks to Javier Morala, Yeray Seminario, and Fernando Enrique.

Spanish (Mexico) (es_MX) -- Limited to species recorded in Mexico plus a few additional species globally. Local Mexican Spanish names. Thanks to our aVerAves team, and especially to Humberto Berlanga, Hector Gomez de Silva, and Vicente Rodriguez, for providing these names.

Spanish (Panama) (es_PA) -- Limited to species recorded in Panama. Local names in usage in Panama. Thanks to Darién Montañez and Jan Axel Cubilla for help with these names.

Spanish (Puerto Rico) (es_PR) -- Limited to species recorded in Puerto Rico. Local Puerto Rican Spanish names. Thanks to our Puerto Rico eBird team.
Spanish (Uruguay) (UY) -- Limited to species recorded in Uruguay. Thanks to Santiago Carvalho for providing and maintaining these translations.

Spanish (Venezuela) (es_VE) -- Limited to species recorded in Venezuela; subspecies will generally appear in English. Thanks to our Venezuela editors, Jhonathan Miranda and Beto Matheus, for these translations.

Swedish (sv) -- Nearly complete global translation to Swedish, using the IOC taxonomy. This list can thus be seen as a listed of eBird's "English (IOC)" translation above that is then translated to Swedish; when species are split by IOC but lumped by eBird/Clements they will appear as a slash (e.g., Anas crecca crecca/nimia and Anas crecca carolinensis are split by IOC, but not by eBird/Clements). See "English (IOC)" above. Note that a few taxa still are untranslated because of mismatches between the eBird/Clements and IOC taxonomies. Thanks to Erling Jirle who provided these names from this listing.

Thai (th) -- Includes all species and non-species taxa recorded in Thailand. Thanks to Wich'yanan Lim (Jay) for providing and maintaining these names.

Turkish (tr) -- Includes all species reported in Turkey as well as names for most other species in Eurasia. Thanks to Kerem Ali Boyla for providing and maintaining these names.

Ukrainian (uk) -- Includes all species and non-species taxa recorded in Ukraine. 
Thanks to Iurii Strus for these names.
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