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The eBird Taxonomy

Updated 15 Aug 2017 -- eBird Taxonomy v2017 The eBird Taxonomy is a hierarchical approach to creating a species list for data entry and listing purposes across the world. You c...

What is a "slash combo"?

eBird's taxonomy has many non-species taxa including what we call "Slash Combos". These are meant to be used when you've narrowed down the identification to two species, but you're...

eBird order or names does not match AOU

The eBird taxonomy closely follows the two committees of the American Ornithologists' Union, the North American Classification Committee (NACC) and the South American Classificatio...

Will eBird update my life lists when splits occur?

Entering your lists in eBird is one of the best ways to keep them up to date. In short, eBird will update your lists when the ranges are unique enough that we can do so. Bird taxo...

Differences in taxonomy between Ridgely and Greenfield's Birds of Ecuador and eBird/Clements

Fifteen years have passed since this landmark work was published, and there have been major changes in the understanding of avian taxonomy since. Birders unfamiliar with the recent...

Reporting Muscovy Ducks to eBird

Confused about Muscovy Ducks in eBird? In general, use whatever option appears on the checklist. If no Muscovy Duck appears, use Muscovy Duck (Domestic type). If more than one opti...
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