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Frequently Asked Questions

BirdBase Country Codes

This article is complementary to Importing BirdBase to eBird. BirdBase codes do not strictly align with the eBird codes. It's not because they use different codes for the same co...

eBirding along County, State, and Country borders

In eBird, every complete checklist should be thought of as an attempt to record everything that you can detect from where you are standing or walking. If you are standing along the...

"Too many redirects" error

Have you been trying to log into eBird, and getting the error "Safari cannot open the page because too many redirects occurred."? If so, that is due to the settings in your web bro...

Creating a group eBird account

In general, eBird is used by single observers—people tracking their own personal lists, and contributing to our global knowledge of birds throughout their normal birding activities...

What checklists are eligible for eBirding contests?

In order for a checklist to be eligible it must meet the below two criteria, as well as any specific monthly requirements that may be stated (e.g., for eBirder of the Month Challen...

How to report Rock Pigeon

In the Old World, where Rock Pigeon is native, most observers draw distinctions between Feral Pigeons (city pigeons, typically with non-wild plumage phenotypes) and ‘wild type’ Roc...

Recording distance on your checklists

Distance within eBird should be the distance you covered along a trail, road or waterbody, whether on foot, bike, car, kayak, elephant or some more novel means of moving across the...
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