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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Birds Per Hour?

"Birds per hour" is the average number of birds seen per hour spent birding within a specified date range and region. Similar to Abundance in that it gives the user a measure of th...

Can I enter data using Latitude and Longitude?

eBird currently accepts two types of coordinates. Decimal Degrees (DD) An alternate method to the more familiar Degrees-Minutes-Seconds of expressing latitude and longitud...

What is frequency?

"Frequency" is the percentage of checklists that report a species within a specified date range and region. This is the most common way of displaying the eBird data and provides a ...

What is High Count?

"High Count" is the highest count of a species submitted on a single checklist within a specified date range and region. For example, a high count of 16 Ospreys during the week of ...

What regions consitute North America?

As defined by the American Birding Association, North and Central America from the North Pole to the boundary of Panama and Colombia. This includes all of the Aleutian Islands, and...

What is Observation Type?

The protocol followed to record bird observations. The primary methods to record birds are Stationary Count, Traveling Count, Area Count, and Incidental Observation.

What is a Random Count?

Observations made at a randomly selected location over period of at least five minutes. This protocol relates to how the location was selected. For other eBird protocols, the birde...

What is Totals?

"Totals" is the sum of all observations of a species from all checklists submitted within a specified date range and region. For example, a total of 885 Ospreys during the week of ...

How do I make checklist comments visible?

Did you know that you can choose whether to hide or reveal the general comments you included in your checklists? Let’s say you went birding somewhere, and in the general comments y...


Are you searching for the Avicaching page? Look no further! Avicaching is a project that is currently underway in Tompkins a...
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